About Me

I started this blog back in 2013 as a hobby, having no idea that it would contribute to a hopeful future career at the time. Fashion is absolutely everything I love and adore about this world. It has a place in everything, for everything and everyone. Although I'm a strong believer in wearing whatever you're comfortable in - whether that be tracksuits or prom dresses - I also believe that fashion is a form of art. The way colours blend, match and tone is beautiful to me. Texture, material, design - it's all stunning.
Fashion is a huge part of my life and makeup is something I enjoy enormous amounts, so why not use an online space to talk about it? That very idea is how my blog came about. Although I'm no professional makeup artist or fashion stylist, I wanted to share my looks and the things I enjoy and am proud of with the world.
I'm also an intersectional feminist. I believe in equality for all women everywhere of any race, sexuality, religion, etc. Women's rights is such an important topic to me and I hope that in the future my work in the fashion industry can help women feel confident in what they wear and in their own skin. Women of all shapes and sizes should feel beautiful and no one should feel as if they can't wear something because of, for example, their size or weight. Everybody is beautiful.
My aim for this blog is to create a positive space for me to express myself. In just three short years as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger I have made so many friends and gained an amazing audience of readers who are so lovely and kind. I hope this can grow bigger and bigger in the future, but for know I'm happy spreading some love, happiness and creativity through my writing.
Georgia x


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