Why Taking a Step Back Doesn't Make you a Failure

I've never been one to take a step back from dreams, goals, or things that make me happy so when I actively decided to take a break from blogging at the end of February I tried to look at it as a positive thing. Although the looming thoughts of people clicking on my blog to see that it hasn't been updated in months and clicking off in disgust and annoyance had me awake at night at first (tad overdramatic perhaps, but true) I slowly began to realise how prioritising certain things over others and letting things go is much better for my mental health.

As someone who is overly competitive, never in sport or activities but more in the game of life, my aspirations get the better of me. I try to do everything at once and attempt to achieve everything in half the time that is humanly possible. Imagine being that overly ambitious kid in school that submits that they want to be a New York Times best selling author by 18 years old in the 'what do you want to be when you grow up' section of the year 4 year book - yep that was me. Now imagine that times a hundred and you've landed exactly on where my thought process is right now. CEO of my own company by twenty? Try unpaid PR intern still studying for their bachelors degree. Absolutely gutting.

But, all jokes aside, it's exhausting. Having goals and plans all the time is hard work so I've decided to let some things slip and I refuse to feel like a failure for that. It's no secret that I'm not the most consistent blogger anymore, but that doesn't mean I love it any less. Writing and posting on my site is a passion and side hustle of mine that I'll hopefully never give up, but it's just not something I have the time to devote to all the time and that's ok. I am not a failure for not posting an outfit of the day to Instagram every single day. I am not a failure for not posting in two months. I am not a failure for taking a step back and breathing. It is necessary.

Although I'm applying this to blogging, this can literally apply to anything. Whether you're spending too many hours working or getting distracted (for lack of a better word) by university work when you've not been socialising enough, you should think about your priorities. Looking at what I value in my life and how I can still achieve my goals while being comfortable and happy has given me a new lease of life. I've learned exactly how much I can take on before it starts affecting my mental health and I want to urge everyone that's feeling stressed to take five minutes and have a look at your own life. If you're overly stressed, what can you cut out? You don't have to abandon it forever, just give yourself a damn break. We all need a rest. Trust me, we deserve it.

Georgia Megan

I want to take a quick moment to mention Maison de Choup, the brand of the t-shirt I'm wearing in the images above. This is a brand that has mental health right at the heart and donates 25% of certain collection's proceeds to the mental health charity Young Minds. You can check out there website here

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