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Buying lingerie, or in fact any kind of underwear, feels different to any other purchase. Leaving the store with a bag full of laced undergarments or colourful soft cotton pieces immediately lifts my mood. I consider these purchases 'self care'. They are purchases for me and no one else. There is something satisfying about buying something that no one else will ever see unless you want them to. When we buy a new top or coat or pair of jeans one of the first things we think to ourselves is "what will other people think of this?", our friends, our partners, our mums, etc. Although I don't condone looking good for anyone else but yourself, this is a rational thought to have as these clothes will be covering our skin and our armour against the world. Everyone will see them but with underwear it's different. It is going underneath this armoured exterior and only you will know what pair you're wearing that day, so when you pick out and buy new underwear it really is a purchase for you - the ultimate definition of treat yo' self. 

We pick certain undergarments to feel good about ourselves. Red can make us feel confident and sexy, while a millennial pink pair might make us feel feminine and sweet. We pick and wear according to our mood and how we want to start the day feeling so it's pretty important to have a variety. Some days we'll reach for our comfiest t-shirt bra and other days we'll wear our gorgeous, yet completely unsupportive, bralette. It all depends on external factors like emotion, health, our activities for the day, etc, but ultimately our choice of underwear can say a lot about us. 

So what about treating yo' self to some self care every month? Let's be honest, not everyone has the time to go on a shopping trip or a spending splurge, we just want a little treat every now and then. This is what the brand 'Empress Mimi' is trying out. They kindly offered to send me a box of their underwear from their monthly subscription service and I was ready to give it a go!

In comparison to a lot of other lingerie brands, Empress Mimi focuses on the confidence of the customer and aims to make us feel as though we really have treated ourselves. Buying underwear from a store you may receive a little bit of tissue paper around the products, but not much more. With Empress Mimi, you receive your items in beautiful packaging. The box I was gifted was a stunning baby pink, tied together beautifully with a light soft ribbon. Upon opening it, inside was a lovely typed note stating "Burn the candels, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie, don't save it for a special occasion, today is special." This statement exuded a feeling of self care and self love, exactly what you want to feel when buying gorgeous new lingerie. 

I was so impressed with the extra effort Empress Mimi put into their packaging. The pieces were also wrapped in tissue paper, a shade of pink that complimented the box, and were placed inside a gold bag with the Empress Mimi logo printed on the front. The quality of the packaging was great and for the price of the boxes available on the website I was shocked that they were so low in comparison to the high quality of the product and its packaging. 

In my box I received a gorgeous lingerie set in a bold vixen red colour. I was pleasantly surprised as I am extremely picky when it comes to underwear, but this style is exactly what I would go for in the shops. Once again, the quality is amazing and the underwear itself is so comfortable to wear which was, again, surprising as lace can normally be a bit more scratchy. 

The sizing was also very accurate which is hugely important to me when it comes to lingerie. I decided to size up to a medium as opposed to a small which I would normally have gone for, but I needn't have. The bralette was a slight bit big, but this was easily fixed by adjusting the straps. 

So, naturally, after seeing the box and trying on my lovely set, I hopped on over to the Empress Mimi website to get some information for you guys! Their website offers three different subscription services: The Mermaid Box, The Siren Box, and The Empress Box. 

The Mermaid Box - £24.95 a month, includes three pairs of underwear.
The Siren Box - £39.95 a month, includes a full set of lingerie which will usually feature a lacy bralette or a bodysuit. 
The Empress Box - £69.95 a month, includes a full set of lingerie and 'playful accessories'. 

These boxes cater perfectly to all price ranges, whether you're looking for a little treat or wanting to spend a bit more each month, there's a package for you. 

I can't fault the quality of the products I received and I would definitely consider signing up for my own subscription box. It's just another way to treat yourself and take a little bit of money each month to spend on yourself so you can feel good. It's so important to be kind to ourselves every once in a while!

Have you ever tried an Empress Mimi subscription box? How do you feel about lingerie shopping? Let me know in the comments!

You can check out the Empress Mimi website here!

Georgia Megan 


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