An Honest Rosegal Review*

Rosegal is an online clothing company that often works with bloggers. I have worked with them before and have had a positive experience, however, I thought this review would be perfect for those who are sceptical about buying from this website with their own hard earned money. It is no secret that Rosegal's website is nothing like that of Topshop or ASOS and it can come across as a 'scam site'. I can assure you all that Rosegal is definitely not a scam and you will get the clothes/accessories you order, but let me give you a detailed explanation of my experience this time. 

The Website:

The Rosegal website is very easy to navigate. Tabs are visible and all the links that I tried worked perfectly. One downside is that the site does look a bit 'scammy'. I honestly think this is due to the fonts used on the site and nothing to do with the layout. It closely resembles the look of similar sites like "Zaful". This look, however, does not take away from the shopping experience. It is very easy to search through and check out your basket. 

Another downside on the website is that there are a lot of...quirky clothes, shall we say? You really do have to sift through some strange items to get to the good stuff!

The Clothes (Quality/Sizing/Etc):

DISCLAIMER: So, yes, this post is sponsored and I was gifted these two items, but that does not mean I will be dishonest with my review. On my PR/Disclaimer page I state that all sponsored posts will be truthful, and that is exactly how I will be when talking about this clothing!

The first thing I ordered was this coat (it is out of stock so this link will take you to their general coats page). I have to say that I was extremely disappointed with the sizing. On the website their large size claimed to be equivalent to my size (UK8-10) which I thought was very strange. I went to order a large and they were sold out, the same with the medium size, so I decided to try the small. I was sure it would come up big anyway...and boy was I right! The coat is huge! It claimed to be knee length, but it was nearly down to my ankles. It does say that the coat is oversized on the website, but being oversized should not mean advertising a small as an equivalent to a UK 4 and having it be as big as a UK 16. Sadly, I couldn't take any pictures to show you with it on because it just looked so massive!

On a positive note, the quality of the coat is amazing. If they changed the tag to say River Island or H&M, I wouldn't know the difference. The material is really thick, perfect for winter, and the inner lining is stunning. Putting the sizing aside, the coat is exactly what I expected it to be in terms of the look and quality. 

The second and final item that I ordered was this bracelet. I absolutely love this! The gold bangle and the marble triangles are exactly my style. I wear this whenever I'm styling a minimalist all black or black and white outfit. It's perfect when you want to add a bit of simplistic jewellery to that kind of look. 

Bad news: the bracelet actually broke the first time I wore it. The catch at the back somehow snapped and although it is still wearable it is very loose. This can be annoying as I prefer bracelets that stay in one place on your arm rather than sliding up and down. 

The Shipping:

The shipping was great and the package arrived exactly when I expected it to - within 7 to 10 days. I live in the UK so this may be different for other countries, but I had absolutely no fault with the shipping services.

The packaging, however, was very poor. The items were a bit scrunched and placed in a plastic bag with no branding. Although bad packaging is not the be all and end all, as a fashion marketing student I don't understand how brands don't use branded packaging. It is much much more exciting for the customer and helps create more of a brand identity for the company. I would love an ASOS labelled package any day over a plain plastic bag!

Would I Buy From Them?

If I was spending my own money rather than having items gifted to me, I don't think I would purchase from the website. My first experience with Rosegal, that you can read here, was really positive, however, if given the choice I would much rather spend my money with a brand like New Look or Missguided than Rosegal. This is because it can be very hit and miss with the quality and sizing. 

Have you ever bought from Rosegal before? Let me know your experiences and thoughts on the brand in the comments! I would love to hear about all of your opinions on this!

Georgia x


  1. I love how honest you are with this review. I have problem with sizes in many online shops.


  2. Rosegal have been hounding me to review their products via email so I ended up blocking them.
    I would never purchase from a website that did that...
    You sound like you had a good first experience though...
    Set to Glow

  3. What an interesting review Georgia, I really appreciate your honest attitude. Personally, I don't like Rosegal that much and it was nice to learn more about your experiences.
    xx, Carmen -

  4. Thank you for your honest review! Personally I try to avoid retailers like Rosegal that don't offer free returns, which is extra risky since they can be a hit or miss with their quality and sizing. That's a shame that your bracelet broke, it's really cute!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

  5. I received many items from Rosegal and in general, I am happy with the quality but of course, there are some hits and misses. And the sizing is really weird, I usually order the same size for me but some items are ok, some are small and some are large so you cannot really tell what you will receive. But in general, my experience has been pleasant! x


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  11. Such a shame that the coat didn't fit correctly - that's why I'm really dubious about shopping online, I'm really tall and have a problem with things fitting me anyway! That rose bangle is gorgeous though!
    Helpless Whilst Drying

  12. Love the bracelet!

    Vanessa x |

  13. You've got such a gorgeous bracelet and coat.The coat looks so classy can't wait to see you killin it. ;)
    x Marlia

  14. Finally, a honest review! I don't really like this kind of websites either..

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  16. Thanks for sharing your honest review. It sounds like your experience was disappointing this time round! It's such a pity the bracelet broke as it is very pretty!
    Julia x

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