An Honest Rosegal Review*

Rosegal is an online clothing company that often works with bloggers. I have worked with them before and have had a positive experience, however, I thought this review would be perfect for those who are sceptical about buying from this website with their own hard earned money. It is no secret that Rosegal's website is nothing like that of Topshop or ASOS and it can come across as a 'scam site'. I can assure you all that Rosegal is definitely not a scam and you will get the clothes/accessories you order, but let me give you a detailed explanation of my experience this time. 

5 easy self-care tips for everyday

When we're constantly rushing around, getting our to-do lists done, running here and there, meeting deadlines, making money, and whatever else we have stressing us out, we forget that we need to take the time to breathe. With uni starting again, working two jobs, running my blog, and keeping a social life I definitely know the feeling of being stressed. I'm sure many of you can relate to this and, as you all know, it isn't nice. It can sometimes feel so intense that you feel like you're drowning in the to-do lists you have stacking up in your head. It feels like there is absolutely no time to have down time, and when you do take time for yourself you can feel guilty or lazy. This post is all about tackling that.