The Striped Culottes I Can't Stop Wearing

Up until last week I was completely adamant that culottes didn't suit me. As a person who's 5"2, I'm sure I can speak for a lot of shorter women out there when I say that new trouser trends make me cower in fear. Tops and dresses I can work with, but if I'm not wearing my black or blue jeans that I've had for 2+ years because they fit me so well, then I'm uncomfortable. Despite this, I thought I would push myself on my latest shopping trip and I'm so glad I did! Myself and my housemates decided to take a trip up to Exeter before separating for the latter part of the summer, and low and behold my favourite shop was there waiting for me. Thank you to Zara for producing these comfy culottes that I now can't seem to be separated from. 

5 Things I've Learned in My First Year at Uni

My first year at university has been filled with a million highs and very few lows, but I can without a doubt say that I've learned a lot from the whole experience. If anything, I feel like I've learnt more about myself and who I am as a person (as cringey as it sounds) than anything about my actual degree subject - but that's the whole point of first year, right? So whether you're heading to university this September, planning to sometime in the future, or aren't bothered about going at all - here's a few things my new found independence has taught me over the last year.