London Pride 2017

For those of you that don't know, Saturday 8th of July was Pride in London. I was planning to write up this post that Monday, but naturally I got busy with work experience, actual work, and all the things that come along with living without parents (household chores, etc). Better late then never though, right?

I went to Pride in London last year and I have to say that this year they really stepped up their game. You can check out my post about last year's pride here! As usual, Trafalgar Square was packed with rainbow flags, multicoloured hair, and colourful makeup. It was a crowd of colour and fun. Everyone had smiles on their faces and, despite the heat, with drinks in our hands we danced for a good 5 hours.

Styling Maison de Choup

Maison de Choup, a brand you have probably heard of if you keep up with my blog or follow me on Instagram, is an amazing clothing brand. They sell great quality 'minimalist style' clothes (perfect for me!) at fair prices, AND the best part is that on certain designs they donate 25% of the profits to the charity Young Minds. Young Minds is a charity that aims to spread awareness and help young people that suffer from mental illness. This is a topic near and dear to my heart, so how could I turn down the opportunity to offer you all a discount code? By using the discount code 'GEORGIA' you can get 15% Maison de Choup products from their website! To show you guys how much I love the brand and how much I trust them (yes, I bought this red embellished shirt with my own money - not gifted!) I've done a little OOTD to show just one of the ways you can style their clothes.