Things I've Learned in April

April has been a good month. I've been productive in terms of university work, I went home to see my family, I got a new phone that I have been begging for forever, I met my girlfriend's lovely family and the month has even been full of lovely weather (until today of course)! It's been a great April and to celebrate that I thought I would sum up the top 5 things I've learned from it!

A Colder Spring Day | OOTD

Denim Shirt - Vintage Fair | Scarf - Primark | Jumper - Zaful | Jeans - Quiz | Boots - H&M

5 Ways To Be Happy When You're Feeling Low

Drawings above by Ellie Franco Williams

Even with the sun shining bright and the days becoming warmer and lovely, there are still times when we feel a bit down. It's inevitable. No matter how bright the world seems now that we have sweet sunny evenings, there will still be days where we want to close the blinds and not allow any of the light to come in. On these days we'll probably want to curl up in bed and watch Netflix all day with a pot of ice cream, and although that is the perfect cure for a bad day in some cases, for me personally I feel defeated when I'm not productive. That's why I've compiled a little list of ways to make ourselves feel a bit better on down days and hopefully these tips will help you as much as they help me!