Body Confidence & Self Love

Loving yourself and the body you're in takes time. It's not a way of thinking that you can adopt overnight, it takes a lot of practice. We are constantly hounded with images in magazines, on television and even on social media that represent the way that we, as women, "should look". These images will often feature white women with long blonde or brown hair with a thin frame and toned body. Pitching the concept of  this 'ideal' beauty standard to the world can make people who don't have these features feel like failures and often strive to perfect themselves. Rather than the message the media currently portrays about 'ideal' beauty standards, we should be promoting the message to love your body no matter what features you do or don't possess.  

Why We Should All Be Feminists

I am a feminist. I have identified as such since I was sixteen and first introduced the reality of our lives as women. Before this age I would often feel confused as to why I wasn’t allowed to play baseball with the boys in PE and had to play softball instead or why it was only the girls that were ever asked by our elderly male art teacher to clean the paint pots after class. I wondered, but I never questioned it.