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Wondering where I've been for pretty much all of November? Well, my life has suddenly become madly busier than I could have ever imagined. It's been full of absolutely one thing and one thing only - university work! Who knew university could take up so much of your time? I guess I was a bit naïve to assume that it wouldn't.   

Despite the excessive work given to us to fill every waking hour of our day, I love university. I love my course, I love the friends I've made, but most of all I love the location. I'm currently studying in Plymouth, "Britain's Ocean City". It's such an amazing place to be. You get a bit of hustle and bustle, as a city would have, but still a sense of calm. You've got the busy city centre and then just around the corner you have the Barbican and the sea! It's also one of the best places I've been able to take blog photos (not that I had that at all in mind when I was looking at Plymouth during the open days).

For this look I am wearing a couple of pieces sent to me from a company called Dezzal. Their website is absolutely full of beautiful garments and I struggled to choose just two! In the end, I settled on a simple white short sleeved knit and a gorgeous mini pink tote bag. I chose these two because I just knew that I would get so much wear out of them.
The top is so comfortable! It is reminiscent of a plain white tee, however, it has a small spotted pattern on the stitching to add a little bit of unique detail. It is also a very thin knit which is perfect for the autumn to winter transition. I tend to style it with a simple black duster coat and black jeans to keep the look fairly minimalist and monochromatic.
The bag is perfect for keeping my bits and bobs in like my purse, keys, phone and maybe an umbrella if it's a rainy day. I can't get enough of it! The colour is a pale dusty pink which I am going crazy for at the moment. It's such a gorgeous colour to style against the main colours of my wardrobe - black, white and grey. It's also nice for me to have a little bag for once. Usually when I purchase a handbag, I prefer to choose a larger size so I can use it to carry my laptop, books, magazines, etc. When the opportunity came along for me to choose anything from the Dezzal website, I almost immediately went to the bag section. I knew I wanted something small (for a change) and stylish and that's exactly what I got!
I am overall extremely impressed with the quality of the items I received from Dezzal. The knit arrived folded in plastic packaging and the bag came in it's own duster bag in a separate parcel to keep it nice. The effort Dezzal went to on presentation for packaging was also nice to see as that isn't something that I tend to receive often with blogger gifts.
Have you ever tried anything from Dezzal? You can check out there website here as well as their Facebook and Instagram page. Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments! I love to hear from you!
Georgia x


  1. i love the location you pick to take these photos! I love the dock! And yes uni work can be quite time consuming most of the times, but it's also the best time of your life (well, at least compared to the working world) haahh

    xx Margaret

  2. Glad you were able to make a post despite your busy schedule. Your photos are really nice... and I love your bag!

    There's More to Mica

  3. Gorgeous pictures, interesting post, I love your blog, love your fabulous outfit as well. Thank you for sharing, you look stunning!!!


  4. Beautiful outfit! I like your blog so much and I'll be happy if we start to follow each other!

  5. Such a beautiful bag, also your photos are gorgeous!

  6. You look lovely, that bag is such a pretty colour!!

    The Makeup Directory

  7. I love your monochromatic look. Very chic!


  8. The bag is a really nice color, yet still neutral. Very nice look!

    She Likes to Shop

  9. Your hair is beautiful!

  10. Looks so picturesque! I love the pink tote bag and yeah, agree with you that it could be worn with so many kind of styles! <3



  11. I love the selection of photos you have included. I've always wanted to live near the sea or beach or just a body of water in general. I find it so relaxing to be near water.

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