Let's Talk About Feminism

There is a huge stigma in today's society around labelling yourself as a feminist. People often associate the label with a masculine looking lesbian woman with hairy armpits and a tendency to shout about how they hate all men. This stereotype couldn't be further from the truth. Feminists are people who want equal rights for women, and as we feminists develop and learn so does feminism. It's no longer just about women, it's about creating equal rights for all minorities. This type of feminism is known as 'intersection feminism' and it's a label that we should be proud to share - men and women alike.

I've identified as an intersectional feminist since I was sixteen. Using this label in my bio on social media sites, such as twitter and Instagram, enabled like minded people to find me, follow me and bring me into a community. This community taught me so much more than I had ever learned in school or even on the news. Twitter gave people a platform to talk about their issues from a personal perspective and because of this we began to identify with each other, learn, and help each other grow.
Through talking to people and hearing about all their experiences, it has made me want to spread the word about feminism and the good it can do. Without it, I would never have known about movements such as Black Lives Matter, or how inclusive the LGBT+ community has become, or known anything about rape culture and street harassment. These are now such important things in my life and I want to support each and every community that I can.
Feminism is about helping women in third world countries, closing the pay gap, freeing the nipple, ending rape culture, raising awareness of FGM, making the world a safe place for trans women and men, ending homophobia and biophobia, spreading the word about Black Lives Matter and helping to defeat white supremacy.
It's about so much more than just equal rights for women. You've got to delve deeper. For example, we focus so much on ending the pay gap between men and women that we forget that it's equally as important to end other pay gaps like the one between white women and black women. According to the 'Equal Pay Portal' in 2013 women were earning 19.7 cents less than men for the exact same job whereas black women were earning 36 cents less! We've got to work on taking into account the struggle of us all, and although women's struggles are still the main focus of feminism, it is becoming a much more inclusive community.
Do you identify as a feminist? Let me know in the comments, I love to hear from you all!
Georgia x


  1. I love this post and I think you make so many good points! I didn't really learn about intersectional feminism until I saw some discussions on Twitter, but I'm so glad I became aware of it because it's given me a whole new perspective. I wish there wasn't such a stigma when it comes to calling yourself a feminist but speaking openly about all the issues you've mentioned (and trying your best to understand them if they don't apply to you) is definitely a step in the right direction! xx


    1. I definitely think twitter is a great place to learn about things like this! I completely agree with you! x

  2. OMG! Girl! So happy to have found your blog. You're adorable and you've given me such great points! Thanks for sharing! Xx


  3. Feminizm jest dość trudnym tematem i szerokim jak woda - przynajmniej ja tak uważam :) Myślę, że w pewnych kwestiach i w pewnych częściach jestem feministką. Zapraszam do mnie:

  4. Thanks for sharing why feminism is more than just equal rights for women! Great post and I love your blog :)


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  6. It's great that your using your platform to share this with us all. It's definitely something that should be greatly understood because the connotation behind the label does immediately bring people to different conclusion- but as you say there is so much more to it!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

    1. Thank you so much, I definitely agree with you! x

  7. The points you shared about feminism are so real and great. It needs to be shared worldwide to make everyone understand about it. Lovely post Georgia...:)


  8. Looks amazing, I just wanna to know more about this, thanks for sharing baby!


  9. yes girl! i love this post and i'm so happy you've spoken against the stigma!
    jen / velvet spring

  10. Loved this post girl! Thanks for sharing xoxo, sharon


  11. Loved this blog post, more girls should speak out about feminist.

    Thanks for sharing


  12. Amazing post! I love the fact you've written about the topic of feminism!
    I identify myself as a intersectional feminist as well, it's so cool to see other people share my own view!
    Keep on talking, or typing, girl!
    Kinga x

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  14. This is a topic that people should more talk about and I love what you written!



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