Happy Halloween From Me and HMV *

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays so when HMV contacted me and wanted to send me some Halloween treats I couldn't turn it down! I'm a massive film fan so I have been watching a lot of horror films up until the 31st (today!) so I was so excited to receive two more in the post along with lots of other goodies!

Let's Talk About Feminism

There is a huge stigma in today's society around labelling yourself as a feminist. People often associate the label with a masculine looking lesbian woman with hairy armpits and a tendency to shout about how they hate all men. This stereotype couldn't be further from the truth. Feminists are people who want equal rights for women, and as we feminists develop and learn so does feminism. It's no longer just about women, it's about creating equal rights for all minorities. This type of feminism is known as 'intersection feminism' and it's a label that we should be proud to share - men and women alike.

Wishlist | A Collaboration with Rosegal*

Photograph by Annandrea Giuffre (Check out her blog!)

I was recently approached by the brand Rosegal to work in collaboration. They kindly allowed me to choose items of up to £50 from their website for me to review. I personally love to work with brands! It's always a win-win situation, I get new clothes/accessories to style and content for my blog and the brands receive promotion for their company. However, it's worth noting that I will only ever endorse a brand that I really trust and believe in. So far I am extremely happy with Rosegal's customer service, the variety on their website, the size guide, their social media presence, and more. I can't wait to keep you all updated when I receive the clothes! Now, let's have a little sneak peak of what I ordered...