Monochrome Passions | OOTD

It's a well known fact to everyone that knows me that I love wearing black. It looks good with everything on any item or style of clothing. It looks great when contrasted with the brightness of my hair. It's slimming. You can wear it with almost any other colour. I. Love. Black. Clothes. Although I've been trying to branch out into colours this summer, as soon as the autumn weather started to slowly reveal itself and I saw a couple of leaves fall from the trees in my garden, I immediately reverted to my old ways - wearing all black and layering. So, even though summer's not over yet, I say let's embrace the colder rainy weather with a black bomber jacket and a smile!

My 100th Post | A New Chapter

I'm often one for starting hobbies and giving up on them so when I started blogging, although I was determined to keep it going, I never could have imagined I would get to my 100th post. It's strange to think that blogging has been a consistent aspect of my life for over 3 years. In a way my blog has become a, sort of, documentation of my life and I'm excited to continue blogging through the next stage of it.

NYX Haul

Recently Nyx counters have been popping up in Boots stores all over the UK and it's fantastic! I'm absolutely in love with all of the products, the packaging and especially the prices! The fact that my retail job enables me to be a pretty short walk away from Boots and therefore a brand new Nyx counter works wonders for my internal happiness and yet completely destroys the contents of my bank account. Lunch break shopping is never a great idea.

Trying to Overcome My Driving Anxiety *

Driving is something that has always made me nervous. The concept of being able to drive never excited me and because of this I was never enthusiastic about having lessons or even passing my test. I had no passion for it and the lessons I had were boring to me - just another two hours out of my day. I've always lived in places that never left me "stuck". I've been lucky enough to live in areas that enable me to easily access shops, banks, restaurants and other sources of entertainment without the need to drive. Despite this I'm now starting to regret giving up on driving so soon.

My Morning Routine | Stepping out of my Comfort Zone

The last time I did a "routine" post I had an amazing response from it! It's one of my highest viewed posts and has definitely been one of my favourites to make. It felt very personal and I loved that. I loved that I could share just a little bit more of my life with my readers. This time I decided to take it further and do something a little more out of my comfort zone.

A Zaful Lookbook*

Recently I was reached out to by a fashion brand known as Zaful. They offered to send me a few pieces from their website to try and review. Of course, how could I say no to that? I have already done a wishlist post on the items I picked out from the website, so if you're interested in reading that click here. If not, then keep on scrolling to see the gorgeous pieces I received from this company.