Going Vegetarian

Going vegetarian was something I decided to do quite randomly. It wasn't because I heard about the way the animals are treated or because I was influenced by anyone in particular. In fact, it's hard for me to remember my exact reasoning. Since becoming a "veggie" I have felt so much more in control of my health in terms of my diet and I have learned so much from the vegetarian/vegan community (particularly on twitter) about animal cruelty. This random lifestyle choice I decided to do as part of my 2016 New Years Resolutions has changed my life for the better.
*DISCLAIMER: What you put on your plate is not of any concern to me, this is NOT a post bashing meat eaters as I'm aware that cutting meat out of your diet is not for everyone.* However, I hope this post can influence some of you in terms of health, education on this topic, or even give you ideas for recipes if you have veggie friends/family members (or are a veggie yourself)!

One of the first things I discovered about vegetarianism was that being a vegetarian does not automatically make you healthy. There are still plenty of meals and snacks that you can eat on a veggie diet that is harmful for your body (see the yummy cheese and vegetable pizzas above). My first few weeks of being a vegetarian consisted of me eating a lot of pizza, pasta and cheese sandwiches - not a good plan. I soon realised that this was not the way to go and decided to go on the hunt for some more exciting meal choices.
I tried a variety of meat replacements from Quorn and Lina McCartney and I can confirm that they are not as bad as I expected them to be! The Quorn southern fried chicken bites and southern fried chicken burgers are so yummy for a quick easy dinner that you can just throw in the oven. Although not exactly healthy, they are definitely better for you than chicken nuggets! The best vegetarian (actually vegan!) "meat" I've tried so far are the Linda McCartney Red Onion and Rosemary Sausages! They are to die for and taste just like sausages...you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Their mushroom burgers aren't too bad either, I definitely recommend them!
Although meat replacements are great, sometimes it's nice to be super healthy and just have something simple. A bowl of fruit is perfect for a little breakfast to get me up in the morning and a simple salad is just enough for lunch. Going vegetarian isn't as scary when you think about how easy and cheap it is be to prepare meals. Cut up some tomatoes and throw it in with some lettuce, add some cheese, (or not if you're vegan!) salad dressing and you're done! Quicker, healthier, and just as filling as any meal with meat.

I also feel a lot healthier in myself since changing my diet. I used to eat dinner with my family most days and my mum would often cook for us as a family, but these meals almost always contained some sort of meat. The most regular kind I would find on my plate, red. The worst kind. For those of you who don't know, red meat has been scientifically proven to increase your risk of getting cancer IF you eat too much of it. I'm not saying this is something we should be panicking over, but if you eat red meat on the regular like I did, it might be time to think about cutting some out or follow my lead and go vegetarian altogether. It's my way of trying to make up for the amount of red meat that I used to eat!

Another great thing about being vegetarian in this day and age is that most restaurants are aware of us and have little 'v's on their menu's to allow us to easily identify the meals that are suitable for us. One thing that us veggies MUST be aware of is that many restaurants will still include fish in the vegetarian meal selection. This is something that really irritates me and often catches me off-guard. ATTENTION RESTAURANT OWNERS: FISH IS MEAT. Yes, true, some vegetarians still eat fish. I, in fact, ate fish through my first couple of months of transitioning to being vegetarian BUT eating fish and no other meat is now officially known as being a pescetarian.
Now, I'm not a fan of labels. If you eat fish but still want to call yourself a vegetarian, that is absolutely fine by me! You do you! However...restaurants...please don't include fish on your vegetarian labelled meals. I promise you, one day some poor veggie person might eat fish by accident in one of your dishes and feel incredibly ashamed. You don't want complaints, and they don't want to eat any kind of meat. Not including fish in your vegetarian choices is a win-win for us both!
On the bright side, some restaurants really do have some amazing vegetarian options. I went to the Handmade Burger Company last week and they had about six different choices of veggie burgers, when usually you only get one if you're lucky! It was also pretty great because they had about four vegan options too, one of which I actually had and it was delicious! Last night I was at Carluccio's and they have an entire vegetarian menu which has a massive variety of options! I also recently had a Cajun Vegetable burger at Ed's Diner which was one of the yummiest veggie meals I've ever had - notice I said meal not burger, 10/10 recommend! If these restaurants can have more than one vegetarian option so can other places - I'm talking to you Bills, Prezzo and MCDONALDS (step your game up)!
Finally, I want to speak a little bit from the heart. Although I claim mainly that I am a vegetarian for health reasons, I really do not condone the animal cruelty that goes on in the meat and dairy industry. The beautiful animals that are brought into this world often know nothing different from slaughter and fear.
I will never and would never push vegetarianism onto anyone, but I think every little thing that you do can help. That can include being vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian or just eating less meat every now and then. It can also mean only purchasing cruelty free cosmetics or not wearing real fur/leather. Every tiny little step is important. Personally, choosing to go vegetarian (and trying to eat vegan at least once a week) has taught me so much about health, diet, meat industries and has even enabled me to learn how to and enhance my cooking skills. I've been a vegetarian for almost 8 months and I really recommend it to anyone who is willing to give it a go!
Let me know if any of you are vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian or even flexitarian because I would love to hear about your journey! Even if you eat meat feel free to join the conversation in the comments! This is a no hate zone no matter what goes on your plate! I hope you're all having a lovely day.
Georgia x
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  1. I tried to become a vegetarian for a period last year but it made me ill for some reason??? I would love to give it another go though!

    Hannah at Hannah Venables / A CREATIVE LIFESTYLE BLOG

    1. wow that's a bit scary! If you try it again I wish you all the best, but make sure you stop being vegetarian if you feel ill like last time because your health and happiness is more important!x

  2. Hi Georgia! :)
    First I'm really happy that I found your blog on Google+. I really like it! I'm a vegetrian since one year. I never loved and enjoyed to eat meat and I knew that I will not miss it, if I ever decide to stop eating it. :) Today I'm really happy about that decision! I love trying out vegetarian recipes! There are way tooo many! :D
    Have a great evening! Leni :*

    1. Thank you Leni! I definitely agree with you, vegetarian recipes are so much more fun to try x

  3. Although I love meat and could never stop eating it I do have days where I only eat salads and bowls of fruit. Also I am lactose intolerant so that does cut a lot of dairy out for me and I did have to change my diet once my intolerance grew. Your post was very enlightening and thank you for sharing your journey =o)


    1. Thank you! Like I said in the post, even if you don't cut meat out but you have days off from it then you're still making a little bit of a difference and it all counts! x

  4. I stopped eating meat about four months ago and as someone who has always loved eating meat, I'm actually surprised at how easy I've found it. I'd initially decided to cut down on meat and it just naturally got phased out of my diet (which happened quite quickly actually) and now I'm happy without it...But I'm like you and I'm not a fan of labels and don't tend to label myself either but I agree it's so much easier when they clearly mark the veggie options out on menus and state what is what. My friend often struggles finding vegan options too as they aren't always clearly labelled either.


    1. I was exactly the same! I loved meat and although I "lapsed" a few times just in the beginning of becoming a vegetarian, after a while it became easy!

  5. I'm a vegetarian since 3 years and I feel so good with it :)
    Love, Pisa

  6. Thanks for sharing your view on being a vegetarian. You've inspired me to take a look at it. :)


  7. I'm not vegetarian but I like healthy food and that you proposed here sounds so good!Kisses

  8. Amazing foods. Made me drools. Great blog you have, stay inspired!



    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  9. Uh I am getting hungry when I look at these pics :) I've been vegetarian for quite a long time now and I haven't regretted it for a second. I think it's great how many alternatives exist which are all so yummy :) And how you said, I think it's great how you just feel healthier and cleaner - at least this is my case :)
    xx, Carmen - http://www.carmitive.com

  10. I am getting hungry!!!
    Keep on going girl, being vegetarian is a good thing.
    Johanna ♥


  11. The first point is definitely true, I haven't lost any weight since going vegan which people find weird (and I have people rudely ask my friend why she's fat if she's a veggie) but vegan/veggie junk food exists! And it tastes good! Oh I'm hungry time to go eat lunch :')

    The Quirky Queer

    1. I definitely agree...I'm obsessed with the quorn southern fried chicken range at the moment and it's pretty unhealthy! It's just as easy to put weight on as a vegetarian/vegan as it can be on a "normal" diet!

  12. I like your approach on it, too many people get so adamant and/or pushy in one direction of the other. For me personally I just enjoy all food and sometimes I eat vegetarian food and sometimes I don't. But everything you you are eating looks incredible!

    xx, CD | icantaffordmylifestyle.com

  13. Really enjoyed this post Georgia and loved how you included images of the dishes! I don't eat much meat but wouldn't call my self full on Vegetarian, I just eat in moderation! :) I have considered it as I've seen some pretty horrendous things about the meat industry and how the animals are treated so instead I always buy Organic and local! I also replace milk with hemp or almond milk as milk is most likely the worst for antibiotics and hormones that can mess up the body! xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture + Giveaway

    1. That's really true about the milk, having too much dairy can be just as dangerous for your body as having too much meat because of how it's made and it was never naturally meant for us to eat/drink (especially milk)! Well done for thinking ahead and staying healthy! :)

  14. I really like this! It's not easy to give up something you've been so used to, props to you! I know it was very difficult for me to give up pork but here I am 1 year later and haven't eaten it since! Great post :) xx



  15. Looks really yummy, I'm not a huge fan of meat :)
    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  16. Looks so delicious!




  17. food looks amazing


  18. This was such an interesting read, and I love how honest you are about your reasons for going vegetarian and what you've learnt over the past few months. I consider myself a flexitarian because I don't eat meat very often and I avoid diary 99% of the time, but I'd like to give being vegetarian a go at some point to see how I get on with it! xx


  19. I don't know if I'd be able to cut meat/poultry out of my diet completely right now, but I'm definitely trying to have more meatless days. These meals all look so delicious and I think going vegetarian is a great way to explore more delicious foods. I know I'm tired of eating chicken/beef so I definitely need to look into more vegetarian options. I do despise animal cruelty and want to make a difference so I do hope that eating more vegetarian foods will one day allow me to go fully vegetarian!

    Nida | Caked To The Nines


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