Going Vegetarian

Going vegetarian was something I decided to do quite randomly. It wasn't because I heard about the way the animals are treated or because I was influenced by anyone in particular. In fact, it's hard for me to remember my exact reasoning. Since becoming a "veggie" I have felt so much more in control of my health in terms of my diet and I have learned so much from the vegetarian/vegan community (particularly on twitter) about animal cruelty. This random lifestyle choice I decided to do as part of my 2016 New Years Resolutions has changed my life for the better.
*DISCLAIMER: What you put on your plate is not of any concern to me, this is NOT a post bashing meat eaters as I'm aware that cutting meat out of your diet is not for everyone.* However, I hope this post can influence some of you in terms of health, education on this topic, or even give you ideas for recipes if you have veggie friends/family members (or are a veggie yourself)!

Finding My Style For Summer | Zaful Wishlist*

Being someone who is very into layering to portray my style, the approach of summer can be daunting in terms of how to adapt my look. I'm a big fan of adding mustard scarves to all black outfits or a camel coat to a fairly muted nude of monochrome look, however, with the heat rising and the involvement of layers in everyday fashion becoming more and more unnecessary, I become confused and somewhat dismayed with what I should wear. This is exactly why when Zaful contacted me and asked me to try their clothes I thought I could use the opportunity to test the waters in regards to summer apparel.

A Casual OOTD

Top - Primark | Jeans - H&M | Shoes - Boohoo

I have owned these ripped jeans for nearly a year now and I realised recently that I've only ever included them in one of my ootd's. Shameful! I wear them all the time and they're a staple piece in
my wardrobe. It's hard to find an item of clothing that they don't go with.