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It's my last year of compulsory education and that's terrifying to me. I've been at the same school for nearly 6 years and it's daunting to know that the routine of going there every year has finally come to an end. Although I'm really excited to get to the next chapter of my life, there's something that I have to get through first...exams. I'm very lucky that this year I only have 2 theory exams (one for English and another for Media Studies) which means there is not as much revision needed compared to past years, however, because I have multiple jobs, a blog, and a practical exam as well, it takes a lot of organisation to keep on top of everything and not get stressed.

Busy B was kind enough to send me one of their desk pads (and some cute sticky labels too!) to help me out. The desk pad has been my absolute life line and I've been using it every week since I received it!

For me, being organised always involves lists. Lists allow me to pour out all the information I have in my brain and organise them on paper. I jot everything down that I need to do and attempt to complete everything on it, crossing things off as I go. This is personally my most affective, easiest and satisfying way to stay organised during this busy time.

The Busy B desk pad is so helpful because I can scribble everything down in a somewhat coordinated way! They even have a pre-printed to do list with check circles for when you've finished them and I'm obsessed. It not only saves time, but keeps the list looking super tidy! You can also tear them off which is so handy for me as I tend to carry my lists around with me.

The desk pad sits on my desk (no surprises there) and is perfect to reach for when I'm stressed. There's enough space to add additional notes, doodle, and I always right the date in the centre circle so I know if a list is outdated or not when looking back through them. Having a handy place to right notes is so important and, as a personal preference, I write everything by hand. Although I have occasional lists on my phone, I find putting pen to paper much more memorable and I can hang the paper somewhere I can always see it, often on the wall next to my bed. This means that there's no escape from my tasks of the day!
I hope this has been somewhat helpful to any of you reading this that may have exams coming up! If you're interested in getting this desk pad for yourself you can view it here! Busy B also have a brand new homework planner out which looks so helpful so feel free to check that out if you want something more personalised to your school work.
Let me know how you like to organise yourself or how you handle the exam season in the comments!
Georgia x


  1. This desk planner is so cute! It would be perfect for blogging :)

    samantha xx

  2. If I have a work desk then I would be more than happy to purchase something like this to keep me motivated and organized but so far I am blogging on the sofa or the dining table. Sigh, can't wait for us to get a bigger place...

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. Needed this post haha! I'm a student too..
    I've just set up my blog again so pop over and have a look :)

  4. Omg I love your planner! great post,always helpful

    New on

  5. I've never had a desk planner, but I wish I'd had this when I was doing this year's uni work!!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog



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