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A while ago a brand called Coconut Lane got in touch with me and asked me to become a "Coconut Queen". Although this is probably as close to royalty I will ever get, I'm loving it! You can't not love promoting a brand that has well made, great quality products that are exactly your own style and taste. I couldn't have asked for a better company to contact me.

It's no secret that many blogs are full of sponsored posts, however I take mine very seriously. I'll never promote a brand I dislike and always give 100% honest reviews of products, sites and brands. Coconut Lane has been nothing but amazing and their products are so well made. The customer service is 10/10 and I would be a fool not to mention how cute their website its!

After searching through, I chose and purchased this lovely "Coffee. Contour. Confidence." print. It basically describes my morning routine in those alliterative three words. Coffee is always a must, whether it's a morning trip to Costa for a Caramel Latte Cooler or one straight out of the kettle at home, I always need to have my caffeine levels up high in the morning. Contour (and makeup in general) are a must for me! When I'm going out in the evening or on the weekend I will usually use liquid contour and then powder on top, however, just for a daily routine, a light powder contour is just enough! Either way, I'm never without a bit of contouring!

Finally, "Confidence", something it has taken me a while to gain. Not everyone is born with the natural extroverted personality that I crave, but we all have the ability to adapt and improve ourselves. It has taken me time, but I'm 10x more confident than I used to be and that has definitely enabled me to become a better nicer person. This print is a nice reminder of that!

The print sits on my messy desk along with everything else I use for inspiration. As a part time fashion writer, it can take a lot of time to even think of an idea or topic to right about. That's why on my desk I keep a small variety of my favourite fashion books to keep the ideas flowing. I also have a couple of Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana products that I was given that are awaiting product review (stay tuned!), sunglasses that aren't actually mine but look cool on my desk, and some cute little plants that sit right in front of my face so I remember to water them.
My desk is a very important space for me as it's where I come up with all my ideas and do all my work. The print fits perfectly in the background and is a nice reminder that I can accomplish anything with a bit of self-love, routine and confidence in myself.
Coconut Lane also has some gorgeous other products that I'm loving at the moment! In fact, they have just come out with their LUXE range featuring pillows, phone cases and much more. I'll definitely be purchasing some of their marble patterned pillows for my uni room in September!
I definitely recommend checking their website out HERE, and of course it's your lucky day! By using the discount code 'whiteshirtchic20' you can get 20% off any item you purchase! I promise, you won't regret it!
Georgia x


  1. I need that sign in my office, so chic!

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

  2. Soo pretty aesthetic for your table
    Lovin the words on it.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  3. Amazing sign and also I like everything on your desk!

  4. Love that sign. Sounds like a cool site.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. It seems like a really cool brand. I am completely in agreement with you about only working with brands you feel passionate about.

  6. What a cute print, thanks for the intro.


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  7. Love that print! Will definitely be checking out their site now. Great post! :)


  8. Very cute print, would be perfect in any office! Thanks for introducing the site!
    An Unblurred Lady

  9. I agree with you because I can't promote a brand that I don't believe in or share the same values with. I love the meaning of the 3 words especially confidence. Thanks for sharing this amazing post!

  10. Love the print! I'll have to check out that site!

  11. Love that print so much! x

  12. I love this print so much and may have just spent a while drooling over the Coconut Lane website, thanks for introducing me to it!

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

  13. Now that's a good sign. Love it!! Confidence is everything, but unfortunately some people don't have it. Have to check this site out. Thanks for sharing, beauty! :)

  14. Just passing by dear
    Have a great day.

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  15. your blog is seriously so stinkin' cute and I'm loving the quote you chose, I might have to go snag it for myself! xx

    Kierra | Lavishingg

  16. Pretty decor! I liked it! =)

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  17. i just follow your blog.nice post and blog.
    continue the good work.

  18. Haha love that frame, I haven't seen that quote before.

    Jazzria x


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