LUSH D'Fluff Shaving Soap Review

I am a huge fan of body/bath/shower products so when it comes to brands such as 'LUSH' you would think that I would be buying a whole shop's worth, right? Sadly, this is not exactly the case as when I was 13 I had a severe allergic reaction to a Lush Shower Gel and since then I've been terrified to try the products again! However, walking past the Lush store every other day as I head to work has made it extremely tempting to go in and buy a few products. First I did my research! I decided to play it safe and pick from their best sellers, which is where I discovered the D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap!

When it comes to shaving, I'm not a huge fan of creams as they tend to work no differently than normal body wash or coconut oil (which is a personal favourite of mine) and they often end up being more expensive so trying this 'shaving soap' was a bit of a new experience. The first thing I noticed was the texture of the product. Rather than it being smooth and light-weight like I had expected, the formula was actually quite thick and lumpy. After following the instructions and creating a lather of the product in my hands I applied it straight to my legs. The product almost absorbed into my skin and become slightly clearer than the vibrant pink product in the pot.

Then, using a Men's Gillette Razor (which works so much better than any of the women's razors I have ever tired!), I shaved my legs exactly like I normally do. I could tell when doing this that the razor itself was already gliding much easier than it does when using body wash or coconut oil. After washing it off my legs felt silky smooth and I have to say that it left me feeling very refreshed and genuinely impressed with this product.

There is only one negative point to this shaving soap and sadly it is that I feel the "Strawberry" scent is very much a bit of false advertising. It smells nothing like strawberries, but to me resembles the smell of a slightly off vanilla milkshake...not the best scent Lush could have come up with! However, the smell of the product would not put me off purchasing it again as the great outcome outweighs the deceiving packaging and strange scent.

Have you tried this product before? Let me know what your thoughts on it are or if you have any Lush products that you would recommend!
Georgia x   


  1. That sucks about the smell, Lush are renowned for their amazing smelling products and I love walking past the shop. I always use gel to shave but find my legs are very dry afterwards so I might have to give this a go :)

    Cultivation of Jasmin

  2. Thanks for this review, it sounds like a great product! I've been thinking of grabbing a shaving gel/soap for a while now!


  3. Aww I was so excited by the scent - I think my first perfume was the strawberry scent from the Body Shop and I started to think this might be a great nostalgic product! Too bad. Sounds great otherwise though :)

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  4. I have to agree about the smell-it is not quite as strong as it should be.
    I got it as a gift from my sister along with other products.

    Lovely review!

  5. Sounds like a good product. I usually love Lush things. Bummer about the smell.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. I think my friend gave this a go, and wanted me to give it a go but I haven't had a chance. But she pretty much said the exact same thing and she's a major strawberry fan so got slightly disappointed lol. Have a lovely weekend ♥

  7. Shame about the smell! I love Lush products! My favourite is 'It's Raining Men' shower gel, so heavenly!

    A Cup Of Kitti - Beauty Blog

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