Day 2 In Barcelona

Day 2 in Barcelona was a lot of walking! We walked down to this huge long street with hundreds of shops and places to eat. In the middle, between the two sides of the street, where hundreds of market stalls selling anything from flowers and fresh fruit to marijuana (yes you read that right). We then took a slight impromptu detour down some side streets which brought us out to a beautiful cathedral and from there we walked down to the harbour.

We had been walking for hours and hours and stopped for Starbucks twice so I was absolutely dying to find somewhere to sit down, eat and use the loo! We came across a closed museum but a kind woman outside (who spoke 7 languages, incredible right?) led us inside and up a lift to a rooftop restaurant. It was beautiful and although we felt a little underdressed all the staff were so lovely to us and after we had finished they told us exactly how to get back to our hotel.

Upon finding the main road with all the shops, the same one I spoke about earlier, we took another detour from there and came into a little square full of palm trees and surrounded by little restaurants. This is where we ate a lovely dinner and from here headed back to the hotel for the evening.

This was the day in my holiday where I really experienced a lot of culture and met a lot of lovely people. Upon getting back to the hotel, I had a drink and then went straight to bed. All that walking was exhausting!

Georgia x


  1. I went there and I loved it! Beautiful photos! Would you like to follow each other?

  2. Beautiful photos! Amazing!
    Dreammerin (

  3. I see you had so much fun on this trip.Pictures are beautiful

  4. Okay, so my goal for this year is to take photographs as beautiful and amazing as yours. There's so much colour, they're lovely. Barcelona is one of my favourite cities, I've not been to the palm trees square though!

    Becky; xxx

  5. Barcelona looks beautiful! Hope your legs weren't too sore the next day, but sometimes walking around everywhere helps you really catch a feel for the place!
    Great post :)

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  6. You take such stunning photos

    Lauren x |

  7. Barcelona is pretty amazing, I love it! <3
    Just followed you on bloglovin :)

  8. Looks like you had a great day - I love seeing new places and I have yet to make my way to Spain!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  9. I love Barcelona and would go back in a heartbeat, your photos are beautiful, I really adore looking through travel shots xxx


  10. Barcelona is such a beautiful place to visit, great pictures

    BLOG | Taislany

  11. Such a beautiful city Barcelona is. I'm surely gonna visit soon

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche!

  12. Nice post, and gorgeous photos Barcelona is such a beautiful city.

  13. I'm such a sucker for architecture and the detail is just amazing! I've never really thought about visiting Barcelona before actually, it looks like a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally


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