Topics We Should Talk About More - SEX EDUCATION

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You may think that we are all very open with each other as people that have grown to be more understanding and accepting over the years. True, we have our freedom to express our opinions and (sadly unlike many places around the world) the right to have healthy discussions and debates about topics. However, we are often still restricted socially when talking about certain ‘taboo’ subjects. Many essential topics we need to have an understanding of for later life are going untaught because of the stigma surrounding them. I want to try and end this stigma and encourage the conversation.

Although I’m not expert, I really believe that students who are taught good sex education are able to maturely understand the topic of sex, contraception, STIs, and other surrounding subjects in later life. Unfortunately, many schools are only teaching the bare minimum – how to have missionary positioned sex and how to prevent pregnancy and STDs. I’m not saying that at 14/15 years old we should be teaching these students sex positions and bedroom kinks, but we should be educating them out of their very patriarchal way of thinking about sex, taught to them by the media, and begin to expose false myths about intercourse. The amount of times I have heard young male adults claim that a woman’s vagina becomes “looser” depending on how many men she has slept with is too embarrassing to admit. We need to be promoting a realistic idea of what sex is like. For men, it isn’t just putting their penis inside a vagina and going as deep as they can and for women sex isn’t just lying submissively and taking it. It’s about communication, listening to one another and being there for each other while having safe, consensual and enjoyable sex.
Entwined in the topic of sex, comes gender and sexuality itself. As a student I remember touching briefly on homosexuality for maybe ten minutes in one lesson. This simply is not enough. With 1.1% of the UK population identifying as gay and 0.4% as bisexual we need to normalise the teaching on homosexual sex so that sex education as a whole is less heteronormative. Other lesser known sexualities are also starting to come to the surface and these all need to be addressed in lessons as well. Pansexuality, Asexuality, Polysexuality and many more are not mentioned in education at all and this must change! Sexuality is so fluid and is constantly changing and our education systems need to keep up rather than sticking to their current outdated and repetitive lesson plans.

As well as sexuality, gender is a subject that I remember being barely touched upon at school. The words “transgender” and “non-binary” were not used at any point during my sex education and I find this very frightening. By raising awareness of different genders and sharing the idea that gender is a social construct, we can channel acceptance into the younger generation and reduce bullying to hopefully the point of elimination.

Making students aware of all of this helps us grow into accepting and compassionate human beings. Sadly, the internet has taught me more about all of this than my school ever did. School made the topic awkward and uncomfortable. Why did girls and boys have to go in separate rooms? Why where we told not to laugh, is sex meant to be funny? Looking back, it seems ridiculous how little I actually learned, but hopefully we can take action to change this in the future.

 So what do you think about this topic? I read every single comment so feel free to let me know your opinions on this subject below!
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  1. I know recently that in Ontario (Canada) the sex education curriculum recently got changed. So now they're going to start teaching children about genitals around kindergarten, and into third grade they start the information on consent. I'm not sure from there where it goes- but I do know that there's also education on Anal as well. Which although might be hard for conservative people to understand and a lot of outrage happened behind it, it's definitely important for children/teens to understand what everything is. Especially in this social media society (what with sexting and whatnot [that's another part of the curriculum at some point])
    I totally agree with it- it's best for people to get the facts rather than learn from word-of-mouth or untrustworthy websites! Which is what I feel that we grew up with. Being educated is definitely important.
    Love your hair by the way! Wish I could pull off purple!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. I think it's so great that they're starting to modernise their sex education over in Canada! Although it might cause upset for some people, it's definitely worth it in the long run so those students can be educated! x

  2. Your hair looks really lovely! Also, I think sex education is important, for sure. Growing up in Poland we had no sex education at all, and I wish we did. I had to learn everything myself from the internet, which obviously isn't always the best source!

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    1. It worries me that some countries don't teach even a tiny bit about sex education! I honestly never really thought about Poland being one of them, hopefully they'll start to introduce it in time! x


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