Day 1 in Barcelona

For those of you that don't know, I'm very much a city girl. Although I love a relaxing holiday by the beach, I will always prefer somewhere in a bright lighted hussley-bussley city and that's why this mini city break to Barcelona was perfect for me! We left just after boxing day so I got to take my lovely new camera (which I received on my 18th birthday!!!) with me and take pictures of the trip.

A Lazy Purple-Haired OOTD

 Today I decided to be really organised, get up early and get straight to work! Starting next week I seem to have a sudden burst of university interviews hitting me straight in the face and with the stress of Christmas and coursework deadlines it's all getting a bit much. I decided to catch up with some blogging, all my school work, AND my university portfolio this Sunday but it didn't exactly go to plan.

Topics We Should Talk About More - SEX EDUCATION

(Yes I dyed my hair purple!)
You may think that we are all very open with each other as people that have grown to be more understanding and accepting over the years. True, we have our freedom to express our opinions and (sadly unlike many places around the world) the right to have healthy discussions and debates about topics. However, we are often still restricted socially when talking about certain ‘taboo’ subjects. Many essential topics we need to have an understanding of for later life are going untaught because of the stigma surrounding them. I want to try and end this stigma and encourage the conversation.