My Space of Self-Expression

To me, being able to express myself is an absolute essential for living a healthy and happy life. Self-expression comes in many different forms for all sorts of different people. You could be a diary writer, a painter, a blogger, a photographer, or whatever else you feel helps let out your inner self and your private emotions. For me personally, I focus on the visual.
Using other people's images to express my own idiosyncratic feelings and identity is, I believe, a lot easier than anything else. You can find exactly what you want to say through one picture and let everyone else have their own opinion. Only you know the true meaning of the image you have chosen to display, unless of course you decide to tell someone else.

Autumn Eyes

Autumn is definitely my favourite season out of the four. It's finally the time of year where I can start making use out of the seven coats I have and what seems like hundreds of scarves, but I can still get away with wearing skirts without being too cold! It's basically the perfect blend of summer and winter.