Plain White T and Apple Trees

As you may have been able to tell, I've taken a little blogging break over the past month! Who knew the last year of A Levels would start off so stressful? With so much extra work, plus the added stress of applying to university, it hasn't been an easy start back at sixth form. I took about a month off of blogging to focus on my work and get back into the swing of things, but now that the first term is over I've realised that I've pretty much accomplished absolutely nothing! With everyone turning 18 and finally getting their drivers licenses, events are happening and we're going out a lot more which you would think is fabulous, right? True it is, until you wake up the next morning and realise you are three weeks behind on coursework deadlines, still haven't uploaded your personal statement to UCAS, haven't booked a driving lesson in about 4 months, haven't kept your blog up to date and have a raging headache - it's honestly pretty crap. But who doesn't love a bit of honesty?