Black & White OOTD // Dresslink Review *

A while ago I was contacted by Lendi from Dresslink and asked if I would like some of their clothes/accessories to review! Of course I said yes, chose the items I wanted and patiently (that's a lie, I was not patient at all) waited for my lovely order to arrive! When it eventually came, as shipping from other countires seems to take forever, I was going on holiday. I had no time to take pictures and upload them, so after weeks of needing to, I have finally got the pictures together and worn the items enough times to be able to give you all an honest review of Dresslink!

If you want to have a quick peek at my previous Dresslink post: "My Dresslink Wishlist" then go ahead and click here!

Otherwise, let's continue with my little OOTD...

Black & White Daisy Blouse // Dresslink
Red Bralet // Boohoo
Pom Pom Shorts // Boohoo
Shoes // New Look

Black & White Striped Dress (worn as t-shirt) // Dresslink
Black Skater Skirt // Boohoo
Shoes // Topshop

Necklace // Dresslink

Headband // Dresslink
So, as you can see, the daisy print blouse, striped shirt dress, necklace and headband were all sent to me from Dresslink. I'll be honest, at first I thought the site may have been untrustworthy as many slightly cheaper overseas companies often are, but I was pleasantly surprised! I received the package within a few weeks of placing my order and loved everything inside it.
Once again, something I was slightly worried about was the quality of the pieces. Because of how cheap the prices are I didn't expect the quality to be amazing but I was proved so wrong! The pieces are made beautifully and skilfully like clothes/accessories you would see in Topshop, New Look etc. Just by feeling the fabric I can tell that these will last me a long time.
They're also really easy pieces to style which is what I love about monochrome colours, they go with anything! The daisy print blouse easily goes over any outfit to give it a nice summery touch. The striped dress could be worn as a dress with tights but because I ordered it in a smaller size it's extremely short for me! Because of this, I paired it with a basic black textured skater skirt from boohoo which makes the outfit look a bit more feminine and classy. The spiked necklace adds the perfect touch of "rebel" or "punk" to any outfit and gives me that tiny bit of a confidence boost. The headband is great when paired with a young girly outfit and the floral pattern is beautiful.
I would definitely recommend these products as well as purchasing items from Dresslink! Although the shipping may take a while to arrive it's definitely worth it for the amazing quality of their clothes/accessories for such affordable prices!
A link to everything from Dresslink in these OOTDs is below...
Have you ever purchased anything from Dresslink before? Are you planning on checking out their website and maybe getting a few things? I love to hear from you all below so feel free to leave a comment!
Georgia x 


  1. These two outfits are so lovely! And that flower headband... I really need to get it!

    Be | lovefrombe

  2. love the jewellery! x

  3. The blouse in the first outfit is gorgeous and I love the shoes in the second! The jewellery is really cute too. I've never bought anything off Dresslink but I've seen a fair few bits of their clothing on the blogosphere - so definitely need to check them out :) x
    Charlotte's Road

  4. I love your shorts and necklace

    Lauren x

  5. Love these outfits! Especially the sandals in the first and stripes in the second!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  6. Those pompom shorts are soo cute!

    Emma x

  7. nice items! Sizing with these websites is always so weird but I'm glad you liked shopping with them as an overall experience.

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  8. I nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my blog to see more about it! I also love your blog!!xx

  9. I love both of the outfits, they're so cool and you look gorgeous!

  10. Love the both looks, so pretty x

  11. Love the kimono in the first outfit! <3


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