OOTD: à la mode playsuit // Adulthood

Recently I have discovered that I am a huge procrastinator. I knew I was a procrastinator before but these last few weeks have made me realise just how addicted to procrastination I actually am. When it comes to coursework/revising - I get it done. When it comes to life - nothing. The thought of turning 18 in just three short months (exactly to this day) terrifies me and although I know the number won't change who I am, what I'm doing or anything really relevant to my life at the moment, it's still extremely daunting.

Indie Aesthetic OOTD

After finally receiving my first fashion item ever ordered from depop, I decided I had to feature it in some sort of blog post! Honestly, I wasn't a fan of buying second hand clothing until recently and sites/apps like ebay, etsy or depop never really interested me. However, after going back to doing a-levels and therefore having to cut down my hours of working I've been earning less money and can't afford to buy every single thing I want in Topshop or River Island anymore. Sad but true. So, in honour of one of my first second hand buys (which is now my favourite piece for winter ever), I've put together this little ootd! Enjoy!

Black & White OOTD // Dresslink Review *

A while ago I was contacted by Lendi from Dresslink and asked if I would like some of their clothes/accessories to review! Of course I said yes, chose the items I wanted and patiently (that's a lie, I was not patient at all) waited for my lovely order to arrive! When it eventually came, as shipping from other countires seems to take forever, I was going on holiday. I had no time to take pictures and upload them, so after weeks of needing to, I have finally got the pictures together and worn the items enough times to be able to give you all an honest review of Dresslink!