A Day By The Pool - Kefalonia OOTD

I have hardly posted at all this month because of how incredibly busy this last month of the summer holidays has been, but I'm pretty much done with everything I have needed to do and I'm ready to post regularly again! For those of you that don't follow me on Instagram (or even here on my blog), you might not have known that I spent a week of my summer in Greece this year! It was absolutely beautiful and I took some gorgeous photos that I'll be sharing with you all in another post. For now, here's a sneak peak of my lovely holiday in a little OOTD!

Little Ondine Nail Polish Review! *

A few weeks ago Rachel from Little Ondine contacted me and asked me if I would like to try and review their nail polishes. I said yes straight away, as I'm sure you can tell! Now, these aren't just any ordinary nail polishes. They have some really special and unique elements that make the product so different and innovative compared to any other nail products you might find on the high street!

Airport Lookbook!

Holidays are a great part of the summer, but the worst part about it? The stress of packing and the dreaded airport. What to take? What to wear? It's infuriating and nerve wrecking not knowing what you may need when you picture yourself being THAT far away from home. I like to plan in advance what I'm going to wear to the airport and I've compiled my top three options in a little lookbook for you all! Hopefully it will give you some inspiration for some comfy looks if you're going on holiday anywhere this year! 

High End vs High Street Lipsticks

Long time no blog posting! I've been so insanely busy recently with...
  • Working 35-40 hours a week (a big step up from my usual 6-10 hours)
  • Planning for my holiday
  • Studying for my Diploma in Makeup (which I'm excited to hopefully receive in early September!)
  • Doing A-Level Summer Work
  • Being sociable with friends & family
And all the lovely stuff that comes in between! I've been finding that I only have about 1 day a week to myself and usually I have to spend that catching up with textiles coursework which I keep trying to put off! So once again, sorry for not being able to blog much, but I'm back!

For this post I wanted to really show the difference between high end and high street makeup brands, specifically for lipstick. Is there really any point in spending between £15 and £40 on a lipstick when you can buy one from Rimmel for £5.49 or is it totally worth it? Are the high end products the quality that they portray themselves to be through their pricing?