Editorial Fashion #3

So here we are again! Another piece from my editorial fashion series, but this one is going for more of a nature based look. As you can see, I've applied 3-D butterflies to Mel's face and bent the wings to give them a slightly more realistic look. I've also applied a very light base of foundation following with a tiny bit of powder to set it. I wanted to keep the skin looking natural so the eyes and lips would seem to "pop" from her face. Because of this, I used a very light bronzer to define her jawline and cheekbones and applied brighter colours to her eyes and lips (a combination of yellow, orange and a range of blue shades).

StyleLux Blackhead Killer Face Mask Review *

I was recently contacted by StyleLux to do a review of their blackhead killer face mask! I'm always on the look out for a good peel off mask that can benefit my skin as well as leaving it feeling refreshed and smooth, so I just could not turn down the opportunity to try these out. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Over the past few months there has been an insane hype about micellar waters and after doing a bit of background research, I discovered that the Garnier Cleansing Water seems to be one of the more popular ones with beauty bloggers specifically. I hopped onto the Superdrug website and after seeing it was on sale, ordered it (with free shipping too, yay)! It arrived within the next few days and I was extremely excited to try it.

New iPhone 5c with the cutest case ever! *

I've been stuck with a Samsung S3 Mini for over 2 years now and I was absolutely sick to death of it! Don't get me wrong, it was a great phone, but after 2 years of use it was so incredibly slow. Recently, it started running out of battery and turning itself off at just 62%...not cool when you were planning to take lots of pictures on it! So, I finally had enough and called up my phone company to start a new contract with a new phone. Although the iPhone 6 is the latest model from Apple, I decided to go with the 5c because (yes, you guessed it) it was considerably cheaper!

Editorial Fashion #2

For those of you that don't know, I've started doing a little "Editorial Fashion Series" right here on my blog and this is the second instalment. For my textiles a-level my topic is 'Editorial Fashion' which means I've been doing a lot of shoots for the project that I wanted to share with you all! If you haven't already checked out my very first shoot click here to see it! If you have, I'll let you scroll on and see some more of my photography skills (or lack of) and makeup artistry techniques (for beginners obviously)!

V&A - Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition

On Sunday myself and my friend Bailey travelled up to London to go and see the iconic Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition at the V&A. It was absolutely incredible, I couldn't bring myself to leave! McQueen's most breathtaking, original and even infamous pieces (like the 'bumster') were displayed on inhuman looking mannequins. Each room in the exhibition had a different "theme" which was usually based on the 'look' of the collection. The atmosphere was quite dark and disturbing, as intense and somewhat saddening music played with occasional Alexander McQueen voice overs cutting into the music. It was extremely eerie and, in a way, upsetting. Quotes from McQueen himself were written on dimly lit walls and these quotes really showed the darker side of McQueen. His suicide in February 2010 shocked the world, but through these distressing quotes and the disturbing pieces he created his struggles are really made clear in the exhibition - but it is definitely not in bad taste. The only way to describe the exhibition is a dark but insanely beautiful celebration of his talent.

Dresslink Wishlist *

So, yes, I have jumped on the fashion blogger bandwagon! I was approached by Lendy from Dresslink to choose a few things from their website to be sent and review and I wanted to show you what I picked out!

OOTD: Clashing Prints + Vintage Vibe

(Malin + Goetz) Travel Sizes Review

I've been saving up a few travel sized products for my holiday this summer, but since I have two sets of this specific pack I thought I would try them and do a little review! It also helps me know whether they are something I'll actually want to take on holiday with me or whether it's not worth it.
First of all, the sizes are so perfect! They have the full sizes available on their website but these travel sizes are so much more cost effective and seem to last forever.