Ted Baker Body Lotion and Wash!

Firstly, I just want to say that I'm sorry for disappearing on you all! I'm on study leave at the moment and I've been doing exactly what it's meant for...studying! It's been non-stop mind mapping, note making and flashcard reading for the past two weeks so there's not been very many beauty/fashion things going on at the moment. I'm just too stressed! However, I did manage to order a few Ted Baker products for myself. It's actually a gift set, but who says it's a bad thing to buy gifts for yourself? Not me!

So the products came in a gorgeous makeup bag which was a lot bigger than I expected! It's a bit too big to use as a portable makeup bag but I'll definitely be using it to store makeup products in and it's great quality. The butterfly pattern is so cute and the whole inside of the bag was filled with pretty pink tissue paper which I love! Inside the bag are two full sized products - a Ted Baker body lotion and body wash. I'm obsessed. The packaging is so light and I love the way that they all have the same theme of butterflies. This represents that they have the same smell, which if I haven't said already, is divine!

I've used this body lotion before in miniature form and I have to say that it's an amazing product! Not only does it last absolutely ages, but the smell stays on the skin for hours leaving plenty of time for people to notice and compliment you ;) Despite being a large bottle, it's very light and easy to shove in a big bag for a top up throughout the day. Although body lotion tends to work better when put onto damp skin, for instance straight after a shower, this product is so soft that it's not always necessary. I've applied it to dry skin before and it soaks itself in lovely!

But the body wash will need to be used on wet skin, what a surprise! The smell of this product is so sweet and elegant, it's difficult not to stand in the shower all day and keep reapplying it. It's smooth on the skin and easily creates a lather with just a tiny amount of product and because of this it lasts a really long time. Once again, the smell stays on the skin for hours and even longer if the lotion is applied on top of it! The only downfall to this product is that once it gets to the end, it's very hard to get the last little dregs on product out of the bottom, but that's something I'm willing to live with just to have the rest of this body wash!

Not only is this bag the most gorgeous thing ever, but the products included are amazing and the smell obsesses me. I also purchased the body spray to match this and it's only lasted me about three weeks because I've been spraying it so much! I definitely recommend this gift set and if you don't want to the whole thing the products are available to purchase separately. I hope you all liked this little review and I'll chat to you soon!

Georgia x


  1. Oh my god I love Ted Baker!

  2. I love ted baker scents they smell so good! And the bag looks so pretty! Nice post :) x

  3. I love the packaging and I'm sure it smells so lovely!! xx


  4. I love body lotions where the scent actually stays on your skin!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  5. I have never tried any ted baker products before - but I love the packaging!
    Jennie Emma


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