Editorial Inspired Makeup

So for those of you that don't know, I've been working in a beauty salon for almost 6 months now and we've just started advertising special occasion makeup! Before this, our makeup artist wanted to do some practices with the Jane Iredale makeup that we have available in the salon. After doing a few simple naturalistic nude looks, my eyes were practiced on with some very vibrant colours as you can see above! I absolutely love this unique look so I thought I would show you how to re-create it by using at-home makeup products and brushes.

The look immediately reminded me of some editorial makeup I had seen previously in magazines such as Elle and Vogue. Above are some editorial makeup looks that really inspired this. Pinks and oranges are the perfect colours for blue eyes specifically to make them 'pop'.  

So for this look, I used my Front Cover Very Hot/Very Cool Sizzle Freeze Palette. I've owned this palette for nearly a year and I rarely use it because of how vibrant the colours are. They're perfect for an editorial/catwalk high fashion makeup inspiration look, but not so much for everyday use! The palette includes 16 colours on two "shelves". For this look, I only used the colours on the first shelf as they are the more vibrant colours.

After applying primer, I took from the top shelf of colours 'Magic Banana' and applied it straight to my lid with my Autograph eyeshadow brush. I then used my Topshop Blending Brush to blend together 'Ginger Spice' and 'Stonewash' to create a more pinky colour. I blended the colours together on my hand and then blended the final mixed product above the crease of my eye, staying on the outer half of my eye, and blending up towards my eyebrow. Then, using my Topshop Angled Brush, I applied 'Bayou' just under my lower lash line. To give this colour more emphasis under the eye, I used my Double-Sided Flat Brush #11 and applied 'Chalk Violet' under the eye. Using the Topshop Blending Brush again, I blended Bayou and Chalk Violet under my lower lash line to create a slightly navy colour.

(Left to right: Double-Sided Flat Brush #11, Topshop Blending Brush, Autograph Eyeshadow Brush, & Topshop Angled brush)
After this, I applied Collection's 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner to my upper lash line with only a slight wing effect that's only visible when my eyes are closed. I then curled my eyelashes with a basic Superdrug eyelash curler and applied two coats of Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara.
Although this look isn't one I'll be wearing everyday it was really fun to recreate with slightly cheaper and easier products to find than the ones we use at the salon. I hope you all found this post helpful or maybe it gave you some inspiration for your own makeup posts?
Let me know below if you've done any unusual makeup posts like this, I'd love to read them and have a look at what you've come up with!
Hope you're all well and smiley :)
Georgia x


  1. You re-created this look so well! Props to you for that. I think it's really cool that you work in a beauty salon. You obviously have the talent for it :)

    Brooke | brookewrote

    1. Aw thank you so much, you're so sweet! :) x

  2. Beautiful make up ! Love how you did it, and you look gorgeous. You have beautiful eyes, dear.


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