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I've always felt that I had a lot to say, but never quite know how to say it. Talking isn't really a great talent of mine which is why I find it so much easier to write things (or in this case type)! I've had private social media accounts before to write everything about anything I'm feeling on, but from that mistake I've learned that it's absolutely no good keeping things cooped up all to myself. It's simply not healthy! So, after keeping everything to myself for so long, I finally learned how to open up, talk and express myself! Blogging has been a big part of that.

Because of my extremely shy personality, I've always been kind of embarrassed of having any sort of 'favourite thing'. When I started falling in love with beauty and fashion, at first I was so hesitant about sharing it. I made this blog back in 2013 and loved making little makeup review posts, but I never wanted anyone to see it. It was just my personal project and at the time I loved it that way. The way people used to perceive girls that enjoyed hair & beauty and fashion was, to put it plainly, bimbos or even stupid. It was extremely stereotypical, but back then I cared very much about what other people thought of me.

Once some people found my blog about 6 months later, I received a lot of ridicule for it. Although it was never intentionally malicious it still affected me because my dream was to be a writer. I couldn't stand to have my writing read and analysed by people I know. I still don't even feel comfortable with my friends reading my English homework, let alone my personal writing! But times have changed and I'm 100% ok with being open about this blog now. I've finally learned that I have to continue doing things that I enjoy no matter what other people say or think.

Since having this new mind-set, my blog has developed so much! The amount of amazing feedback I receive is so uplifting and encouraging and I've developed great relationships with other fellow bloggers. Talking to people with the same interests as me has been great and even one of my closest friends has a blog now too (click here to see)! A lot has changed since 2013 and the people I surround myself with now are so supportive in everything I do. Although my social circle is a lot smaller now, I'm a lot happier. Knowing that I always have people there for me makes me feel a lot more confident in the things I do, especially blogging! I'm no longer afraid or nervous to post anything anymore because the only opinion that matters to me are my own and the people I love's, no one else's. I'm so much more open and happy to talk about my blog with people I know in real life now!

Gaining this little bit of confidence has made me a lot more active with my posts and adventurous with my post ideas. If you follow my blog, you know that I don't normally write long posts like this, but it's something I really enjoy and is another way to express myself. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below!

Georgia x


  1. I definitely understand what it is like to not feel like a confident speaker. I have been shy most of my life and now, at age 24, I have finally started to peek out of my shell. Your story is great and you should be extremely proud of how far you have come :) Your blog is so lovely and what you have to say is, too!

    C |

    1. Thank you so much, that's so nice of you to say :) x

  2. Georgia this was such an uplifting lovely story to read! Your blog is fantastic and you should be really proud of it, you definitely have a talent for writing :) x
    Ally |

  3. Hi, great post. I have nominated you and your cool blog for the Liebster Award, here is a link to my post:

    Would be great if you could let me know by commenting on my page once you've completed yours!
    Mads =)

  4. I loved reading this. You run a great blog, and I love that your confidence has grown!!! You go girl! I'm off to check out your friends' blog!!!

  5. I'm really confident on paper, but in person not so much..

  6. Amazing post my Dear <3

  7. Thats great that you feel more confident about your blog now, I've been blogging for just over a year but I still get nervous when people I know read it! Hopefully I'll get better with time. would be great if you could check it out? :)

    The Fashion Road


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