Memory Box!

So yesterday I was cleaning out all the dusty boring art materials I keep under my bed and I stumbled upon a little zebra print box. I recognised it, but couldn't remember what I had put inside turned out to be my memory box! I had started it about 3 years ago and only kept things that would help trigger great memories of times with friends and family inside of it. I think it's a great idea to create these so I thought I would give you guys a little glimpse of what I have in mine, to give you an idea of what you might want to include in yours if you decide to make one (which I highly recommend you do)!

For those of you that don't know, I used to live in fact, I lived there for most of my childhood. At the bottom of my box I found  couple of picture frames with photographs of me with my childhood friends in them as well a few good luck cards, some presents and a shirt signed my some of my old closest friends! It's not only nice to see pictures of the former younger me with awful hair and no makeup, but to read sweet hand written messages from lovely old friends is really uplifting.

I also found a few random things in the box that I couldn't really categorise so I just shoved them all in one picture! The fairy painting is one my dad and I made when I was five. As you can probably tell, I was really good at staying in the lines! I also found my favourite childhood book! It's actually still my favourite and makes me cry every time. I went through a stage of reading A Little Princess over and over again and nothing else. It's by far the best book I've ever read (even though it is quite old and written for a slightly younger audience) and the film does NOT do it justice! Oh and before I forget, there's a random bracelet in the middle which my best friend made for me in our sociology class. You can tell we are completely dedicated to our education!

I've written in a diary for as long as I can remember...thinking about it now, I must have started back in 2005 (bearing in mind I was only 7)! I have always loved writing and I find putting all my feelings down on paper very therapeutic and funny to read in a few years time. Although I don't have some of my earlier diaries - probably because they were lost in a moving van somewhere - the first one to the left was started in 2011! I'm sure you can imagine how embarrassing and cringe-worthy some of my entries where, all about friendship drama and how awful my mum is for making me eat alllll my vegetables before leaving the table...ahh 11 year old stresses! The most recent one (to the right) I finished last summer and I've been writing in a new massive 600 page one recently. I'm definitely going to have to buy a bigger box to keep these all in!

Finally, I have a box full of tickets, photographs and other keepsakes from the past! Looking back, I seemed to have kept every single ticket I've ever bought, including buses and trains. However, it's not a bad thing because all it takes is that one piece of paper to trigger so many amazing memories. More recently there's my prom ticket from last year and a few concert tickets, but it's the ones from 2005 and before that which I treasure the most. The first time I went to the theatre in London was with my dad who took me all the way up there to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang waaay back in 2004 and I found the ticket for it in this very box! Immediately I remembered the flying car and how transfixed I was by the fact that these "invisible strings", as my dad said, were holding it up in the air. It's memories like that that I never want to forget and the whole reason why I have this memory box!

So I hope this completely random out of the blue post has encouraged you to make your own memory box or something similar. You won't regret it, because looking back now, I'm so thankful that I kept everything I did!
Georgia x


  1. I love memory boxes! one I have managed to keep is a memory box of firsts between my boyfriend and I (I know, cheesy!) - it consists mostly of cards, letters, tickets etc :) always a pleasure to look back on to! x

  2. aww thats awesome you kept all those things... i love looking at things from my childhood as well makes me cheese so big xx

  3. Such a lovely idea! Great post :)

    Kirsty |

  4. A memory box is such a lovely idea, I kind of started one a few years back but I always forget to put things in it, I'll have to start again!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  5. Such a lovely idea. When I was in high-school I used to have lots of diaries and scrapbooks and concert tickets, but in college I stopped doing that. I still have that big box back home though.

    1. Sounds like it'll be really nice to look through when you go back home and think about all the great high school memories! x

  6. I have a memory box underneath my bed too! With ticket stubs, airplane tickets, stickers and pictures. There's also a little lip smackers journal that says "I hate school" in it from when I was like 5 years old!
    It's so great to look back at these :)
    Awesome post (gonna go look through mine again-- haha)


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