Recent Beauty Buys!

Recently I've been ordering more and more things's practically an addiction, but I love it! Everything is just so easy to buy and you can purchase it with a snap of your finger! It feels like you're spending no money at all, except in reality I've spent nearly all of my wages.
So here are a some of my new beauty buys!

Base Coat - £2.99 // Top Coat - £2.99
So you may or may not know this, but recently I've started a job at my local salon. It does everything from Manicures to Hollywood waxes...the only problem is I'm absolutely rubbish at painting my nails! How on earth can I work at a nail salon with my nails being chipped all the time?! So because of this, I purchased some cheap but effective nail polishes to keep my nails looking nice and professional!

3 Sectioned Nail Buffer - £1.50
This is also why I purchased a nail buffer! Being completely honest, my nails are not in the best shape or even in the best of health so this was an essential to get them looking good! I don't normally buy anything from Avon as I find that the products just don't work my experience anyway! But the price of this was so good, I could not pass it up!
 Avon Makeup Setting Spray - £3
As I said before, I rarely shop with Avon because I always tend to feel disappointed with their products, but for just £3 I thought, why not try it? If it doesn't work, it's only a loss of £3 right? Well, to be perfectly honest, it's not the best product in the world, but it's not all that bad either. I find that it actually takes my makeup off when I spray it right after I've put all my makeup on! However, it works really well when you spray it half-way through the day and re-apply makeup on top of it. That's when it really helps it last!

Colour Trend Clear Lipgloss - £2
While flicking through the Avon book, I stumbled upon this. I remembered that I used to have a Collection clear lipgloss that I loved but had to throw out because it had turned yellow. So, I decided that at a price of just £2 I might as well get another one! This lipgloss is really lovely and is by far the best makeup product I have bought from Avon. It's so basic, but I love how the formula dries quickly, isn't sticky, is hydrating and brings a subtle shine to my lips that lasts about 5 hours.  

Balance Me Sheer Red Tinted Lip Salve - £12.00
I just want to start by saying that this is the smoothest and most hydrating lip product I have ever owned and I promise it's no lie! It contains cocoa butter which is probably why it makes your lips feel so incredibly smooth. I absolutely love it and the colour is very natural looking. I'm obsessed with this product and I definitely recommend you check out Balance Me products, especially if you're a "green makeup lover" and want something only containing natural products.
 And finally, I received April's issue of Elle! I'm subscribed to the magazine so I get the issues a little bit before they're released in the shops and I get the subscriber cover! For those of you that are considering buying this magazine in April, it's a great issue and it comes with a 20% off Urban Outfitters Discount Card to spend online or in-store! I need every discount code I can possibly get for Urban Outfitters because of their craaazy prices but beautiful clothes.

I hope you all liked this little list of my recent beauty buys! Let me know in the comments what you thought or if you want any more in-depth reviews on any of these products. Thanks for reading!

Georgia x


  1. Gutted that you didn't love the Avon Setting Spray - I'm always on the look out for new setting sprays that would work as well as my Urban Decay one but might be a little cheaper! Great post mate :) x
    Ally |

    1. The MUA setting spray it pretty good and it's only £5! + Thank you Ally x

  2. I have stopped ordering things from avon but this makeup setting spray looks really good. And that discunt is really amazing, I hate these prizes in Urban outfiters!

  3. Just love Balance Me products at the moment and I just bought this months copy of ELLE today! Might use my discount code this week xx | Giveaway

    1. Same! Balance Me is such a good brand + this ELLE issue is really good, you won't regret buying it :) x

  4. I totally do love shopping online too! It is so easy and it all comes to your door! Love your new purchases! I have never used any Balance Me products but now that you say this lip product is so good, I will have to try it!



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