Shopping Trip Haul!

On Sunday, I had to pop into town and have an eye test done. I've just started my driving lessons and it's made me realise that I am b-l-i-n-d...or at least a little bit! Turns out, I'm short sighted and I'm in definite need of glasses. I picked out some really cute ones to pick up on Monday (which means I might be shopping again uh oh!) and I'm really excited. Anyway, after my test and picking out the glasses, I went on what was supposed to be an hour long quick-shop. When does that ever work though? Never. I was there for 5 extra hours! With all the things I bought, I thought it would be great to do a haul!

Grazia - £1 // Little White Lies - £6 (WHSmith)
For those of you that don't know, I'm studying Media at A-Level this year and part of the course is 'Magazines'. Grazia and Little White Lies are the two magazines I've chosen to study which obviously means I will have to buy them! I'm not too fond of Grazia because of it's crazy (and clearly untrue) gossip stories, but Little White Lies is extremely interesting. It's a film magazine that has a lot of the pages drawn by hand and then printed. It also talks more about cult indie films as opposed to the 'next big thing' you might see in Empire or more popular film magazines.
 Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner - £2.99 (Superdrug)
I've used Collection's Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner before and it's one of my favourites! It's only £2.99 and lasts all day. Towards the end of the product, it does tend to go slightly grey after a few hours of wearing, but the first 3-4 months of use it stays black all day. It's also extremely easily applied because of its shape.
 Ted Baker Body Spray - £6 (Boots)
My favourite body sprays of all time are Ted Baker! I received one as a birthday present 2 years ago and I haven't stopped buying them since. At £6 a bottle, it's a great alternative to an expensive perfume. The florally scent stays on you and lasts hours, which I love! You can also buy little sizes as 'handbag smellies' for £2.50 which are so handy! I will never stop buying these and would recommend them to anyone looking to try a new perfume or body spray.
 Face Brush - £2 - Primark
Kabuki face brushes are so so so expensive, so to find one in Primark for just £2 was a great deal! These are by far my favourite kind of brushes, however this one was not as great as others I have tried. At first I used it as a powder brush, but it was not picking up any of the product. I then tried with bronzer and highlighter which worked a lot better and I now use it to blend the bronzer on my face. Although the brush itself doesn't work as well as I would have liked, it's extremely soft and easy to use - perfect for makeup beginners on a budget! 
 Collection Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit - £3.99 (Superdrug)

Next, I went into Superdrug and picked up some more make-up bits. I've been using a Rimmel eyebrow pencil for a while now and I really fancied a change...something to make my eyebrows look a bit more natural rather than drawn on. This little kit is perfect! The powder stays on all day (to my surprise)! I use the middle colour as it's the perfect shade of brown for my eyebrows. Inside, it includes a little angled brush to apply it with, which works really well and is really easy to use. There's also a clear mascara to help your eyebrows and the powder say in place all day.

 Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit - £6.47 (Superdrug)

I've seen reviews for this product on several blogs and the reactions to it seemed to be very positive, however my first reaction was extremely negative. BUT this is only because I had applied it completely wrong. The instruction pictures (as you can see above) are quite deceiving so, when applying it for the second time, I went on the Barry M YouTube channel to get some tips from the professionals. This really helped and after applying this time, I'm in LOVE! I had to work an 8-9 hour shift at work and this stayed on all day. It adds such great definition to my face, I would definitely recommend it!

 MUA Bullet Nail Polish - £1 (Superdrug)

I then purchased a cheap £1 nail polish from MUA. Believe it or not, I love grey. It's one of my favourite colours for nails. I've had a similar colour to this applied at the salon I work at and I could not wait to have a grey nail polish for myself! I applied this product yesterday morning and unfortunately it came off halfway through the day today. The colour is lovely and it's so easy to apply, but it wore off very fast. For a pound, what more do you expect? It's great value and I'd happily buy more because I'm ok with applying more product if it chips. However, if you're one of those people that needs their nails to last days and days - I'll have a post up about that very soon!

£14.99 - H&M

I personally have an extremely mixed sense of style. Most of the time I'm into black, whites and greys...simple...minimalistic! Recently, I've been falling back into my old tomboyish style I used to wear when I was younger - acid wash jeans, flannel shirts, all that 'grunge' 90s style stuff! I love it and when I saw this in H&M, I needed it! I also thought it would be perfect for a concert I'm going to next Friday (Wolf Alice)! I'll probably be featuring this - and the other fashion products I've purchased in this Haul - in a Lookbook coming out next week! Stay tuned!

 £8.99 - New Look

This baseball style tee is really basic and casual which I love! It's so easy to just throw on and look great. I have millions of plain grey shirts, but the black detailing on this one really adds something to it. I go crazy over simple clothing like this. It goes perfectly with the next thing I'm about to show you...

£39.99 - New Look

I caved! I gave in! I finally bought a black leather jacket! Yes, I know, I'm going to fit right into the crowd, but I totally understand why everyone's buying them. They look great on anyone! I already own a brown leather jacket which I've had for nearly 3's definitely time to grab something a bit more sophisticated and new. It's my new favourite item of clothing - but don't I say that every time I buy something new?

Black Pencil Skirt - £12.99 (H&M)
Tights x3 - £10 (Primark)

After Easter break, it starts to near to exam time (4 weeks to be exact) and because sixth form is severely stressing me out, I thought it would be helpful to get myself something that would actually make me want to go! SO, I bought a super tight pencil skirt and three pairs of tights for school. Wearing new things that are slightly unconventional for me is all part of feeling good about myself. Although I might chicken out on the first day back and throw on my comfy Zara trousers, I'm going to try and push myself to give it a go! Super tight skirts and patterned tights are a bit out of my comfort zone, but that's what I love about it!

Gift - New Look
Just something extra to add in - I got a really sweet present from family friends Charlotte and Lucy. We always buy each other little gifts when we meet up because we only usually see each other twice, maybe three times a year. They gave me this statement bracelet which I adore! I always think that gold jewellery is great to wear with white or other bright coloured clothing and that's exactly what I've been wearing this with. Love it!
So that's all for my haul! I suddenly had a spurt of inspiration at work today and now have loads of great ideas for some new posts so look forward to those!
Georgia x


  1. This Barry M Contour Kit looks great! I've been struggling to find the perfect coloured contour and this looks brilliant!

    Laura Cinnamon xxx

    1. It's really good, I would definitely recommend it!x

  2. Love the jacket! And yay for the Barry M Contour Kit! ^^ The Collection Eyebrow kit looks pretty good too, might have to try that one :) xx
    Ally |

    1. Yeah, it was your blog post that made me intrigued about it in the first place! x

  3. You got some great items! Love the contour kit


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  8. So many goodies! The Barry M contour kit looks like a great product!

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  10. Lovely haul! Really like the nail polish shade for Spring and the Ted baker products are my favourite, they smell so good x

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  12. The collection lip liners are amazing!

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