Mother's Day Gifts on a Budget!

As I'm sure you're all aware, Mother's Day is coming up soon! It can always be hard to buy presents for our mothers because they tend to be the people we love most in the world and we want them to have the best of the best...but we don't always have the money to do this! So I've compiled a little list of presents for our amazing mums, on a budget!

BUT before you read on, if you do have a higher price range and can afford to get your mum slightly pricier presents go and visit my friend and amazing beauty blogger Ally to see her post! We collaborated for this post and she has some amazing ideas on her blog so check them out!
Still with me? Perfect! Let's get started on these Mother's Day budget buys then!
If you've visited my blog before, you may have already seen this picture from my Mini Psychic Haul. This is what I've bought for my mum this mother's day! It's a homemade and completely natural exfoliator sponge. One side is for exfoliation and the other is a super soft sponge. It's a fabulous 2-in-1 product that smells amazing and only cost £5.50. I purchased mine from a local psychic craft fair, but you can also buy them online here...
Now, this one is slightly more expensive but it will last your mum a whole year! She'll get a present each month and every time it arrives, it'll remind her of you and how lovely you are! You could get her a subscription to her favourite magazine. My mum and I do this every Christmas for each other and we both love it! Prices range from £12 - £35 depending which magazine you want to subscribe to, but it's a whole lot cheaper than buying them in the shop and you often get a free gift when you subscribe. My personal favourites are Elle, Glamour and InStyle...but I'll let you decide for your own mum. :)

This next one is super easy and nice to do! If you're really really struggling for money, why not buy your mum's favourite breakfast food and surprise her with breakfast in bed! BUT only if you live with her! Sneaking into the poor woman's house and making her jump out of her skin when you open her bedroom door with a steaming hot cup of coffee IS a felony. Otherwise, you can take your mum out for lunch! It doesn't have to be expensive either. There are a lot of cute independent cafes and coffee shops that only charge £3-£5 for a very yummy sandwich and cappuccino!
If you're looking for a more sentimental gift, photos are a great way to bring happy tears to your mother's eyes! Picture frames are a range of prices, but you can get them for as little as 50p on websites like Amazon. All you have to do is buy one, print out a picture from your computer and put it in the frame! It's something your mum can keep forever and see everyday.
Although it's a pretty generic gift, you can't beat it! 'Smellies' as my mum calls them, make great presents. Most people purchase great smelling bath products, but I find that great smelling products for homes are used much more often! These room diffusers only cost £1 from Dunelm and you can buy candles practically anywhere for a range of good prices!
And finally, a common problem that most of us face...we've spent all our money on our budget but it doesn't look like a large enough present! This is easily fixable, don't worry! Grab a box you're not using and fill the bottom with tissue paper (which you can find  in craft or stationary shops like Hobby Craft, The Works or WHSmith) and put your present in.
...fill the rest of the box with free samples! It's as simple as that! I have loads saved up from various magazines and ones that employees have handed me in different beauty stores. If you read a lot of magazines you'll probably have a collection building already. Select the ones you think your mum will make the most out of and use them to fill the box (like I have in an example above).

I hope this post has helped you with some Mother's Day present ideas! Make sure that you and your mum have an amazing day! Feel free to leave feedback below.

BEFORE YOU GO...don't forget to check out Ally's blog post for some more ideas if these didn't help! Her blog is amazing and she's such a lovely person so don't forget to leave comments and follow her blog while you're over there!

Georgia x


  1. Hey lovely! It's been so much fun collaborating with you, love the post, I think ours worked pretty well together... :P xx
    Ally |

    1. I agree, I think both the posts are going to be really helpful! We'll have to collab again sometime! :) xx

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    What a wonderful post.
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  3. Perfect post!! Nice tips ;)
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

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  4. I think skincare and a meal are always good gift ideas! Can't go wrong with food really :) / creativity + lifestyle blog

  5. Mothers are best to give skincare products to since daughters usually know whats compatible with their skin!


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  8. Brilliant ideas!!! The sponge looks really interesting, I may just have to pick one up for myself :D I'm loving the box full of samples and the magazine subscription!

  9. Amazing post! Very cute ideas!)

  10. These are such great budget friendly ideas! I did the box thing last year, but instead of filling it up with free samples, I picked up lots of mini's from boots like the Sanctuary face mask sachets!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you! I love those face masks, they make such good presents when you're on a budget! :) x

  11. Such a sweet post and great ideas! Ha, I would definitely not feel okay sneaking into my mom's house... but going out for breakfast or brunch is so nice. :)


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