Shoes - The Secret Weapon of an Outfit

These shoes are
Am I seriously the only one that thinks shoes are the secret weapon of an outfit? Most of us, when judging someone's outfit (don't lie - we all do it!), look first at the top. Are they wearing an edgy leather jacket? A classy duster coat? Then onto the shirt...the hidden layer under the outerwear. Especially in winter, this is normally a basic black/white/grey top hidden beneath our beautiful scarfs. Then the bottom half. Jeans? - light or dark denim? Bringing 90s back with the acid wash are we?
It's almost as if we prejudge the outfit. We look at these basic things and make an assumption on what that person's style is. But as they walk away, you get to see their full outfit. You get to see their shoes. Your whole opinion is changed. They could have been wearing a Jack Wills hoodie and ASDA trackies, but wearing the most amazing shoes in the whole world and you'd suddenly give them 100% of your respect.

Coats Crafts Fashion Show AW14

So I completely forgot that I went to this event waaay back in October (yes a whole three months ago)! As part of a trip for my Textiles A-Level course we went to The Knitting & Stitching Show in London. This was such a good trip as we got to meet so many textiles designers and artists and see their work first hand. As part of the trip we got to watch the Coats Crafts Fashion Show. I'm going to be honest, the lights were blinding and I wasn't in the best spot for taking pictures as there was a pole in my way, but I thought I'd share them with you anyway! Take a look...