Day 1 in Barcelona

For those of you that don't know, I'm very much a city girl. Although I love a relaxing holiday by the beach, I will always prefer somewhere in a bright lighted hussley-bussley city and that's why this mini city break to Barcelona was perfect for me! We left just after boxing day so I got to take my lovely new camera (which I received on my 18th birthday!!!) with me and take pictures of the trip.

A Lazy Purple-Haired OOTD

 Today I decided to be really organised, get up early and get straight to work! Starting next week I seem to have a sudden burst of university interviews hitting me straight in the face and with the stress of Christmas and coursework deadlines it's all getting a bit much. I decided to catch up with some blogging, all my school work, AND my university portfolio this Sunday but it didn't exactly go to plan.

Topics We Should Talk About More - SEX EDUCATION

(Yes I dyed my hair purple!)
You may think that we are all very open with each other as people that have grown to be more understanding and accepting over the years. True, we have our freedom to express our opinions and (sadly unlike many places around the world) the right to have healthy discussions and debates about topics. However, we are often still restricted socially when talking about certain ‘taboo’ subjects. Many essential topics we need to have an understanding of for later life are going untaught because of the stigma surrounding them. I want to try and end this stigma and encourage the conversation.

My Space of Self-Expression

To me, being able to express myself is an absolute essential for living a healthy and happy life. Self-expression comes in many different forms for all sorts of different people. You could be a diary writer, a painter, a blogger, a photographer, or whatever else you feel helps let out your inner self and your private emotions. For me personally, I focus on the visual.
Using other people's images to express my own idiosyncratic feelings and identity is, I believe, a lot easier than anything else. You can find exactly what you want to say through one picture and let everyone else have their own opinion. Only you know the true meaning of the image you have chosen to display, unless of course you decide to tell someone else.

Autumn Eyes

Autumn is definitely my favourite season out of the four. It's finally the time of year where I can start making use out of the seven coats I have and what seems like hundreds of scarves, but I can still get away with wearing skirts without being too cold! It's basically the perfect blend of summer and winter.

Plain White T and Apple Trees

As you may have been able to tell, I've taken a little blogging break over the past month! Who knew the last year of A Levels would start off so stressful? With so much extra work, plus the added stress of applying to university, it hasn't been an easy start back at sixth form. I took about a month off of blogging to focus on my work and get back into the swing of things, but now that the first term is over I've realised that I've pretty much accomplished absolutely nothing! With everyone turning 18 and finally getting their drivers licenses, events are happening and we're going out a lot more which you would think is fabulous, right? True it is, until you wake up the next morning and realise you are three weeks behind on coursework deadlines, still haven't uploaded your personal statement to UCAS, haven't booked a driving lesson in about 4 months, haven't kept your blog up to date and have a raging headache - it's honestly pretty crap. But who doesn't love a bit of honesty?

OOTD: à la mode playsuit // Adulthood

Recently I have discovered that I am a huge procrastinator. I knew I was a procrastinator before but these last few weeks have made me realise just how addicted to procrastination I actually am. When it comes to coursework/revising - I get it done. When it comes to life - nothing. The thought of turning 18 in just three short months (exactly to this day) terrifies me and although I know the number won't change who I am, what I'm doing or anything really relevant to my life at the moment, it's still extremely daunting.

Indie Aesthetic OOTD

After finally receiving my first fashion item ever ordered from depop, I decided I had to feature it in some sort of blog post! Honestly, I wasn't a fan of buying second hand clothing until recently and sites/apps like ebay, etsy or depop never really interested me. However, after going back to doing a-levels and therefore having to cut down my hours of working I've been earning less money and can't afford to buy every single thing I want in Topshop or River Island anymore. Sad but true. So, in honour of one of my first second hand buys (which is now my favourite piece for winter ever), I've put together this little ootd! Enjoy!

Black & White OOTD // Dresslink Review *

A while ago I was contacted by Lendi from Dresslink and asked if I would like some of their clothes/accessories to review! Of course I said yes, chose the items I wanted and patiently (that's a lie, I was not patient at all) waited for my lovely order to arrive! When it eventually came, as shipping from other countires seems to take forever, I was going on holiday. I had no time to take pictures and upload them, so after weeks of needing to, I have finally got the pictures together and worn the items enough times to be able to give you all an honest review of Dresslink!

A Day By The Pool - Kefalonia OOTD

I have hardly posted at all this month because of how incredibly busy this last month of the summer holidays has been, but I'm pretty much done with everything I have needed to do and I'm ready to post regularly again! For those of you that don't follow me on Instagram (or even here on my blog), you might not have known that I spent a week of my summer in Greece this year! It was absolutely beautiful and I took some gorgeous photos that I'll be sharing with you all in another post. For now, here's a sneak peak of my lovely holiday in a little OOTD!

Little Ondine Nail Polish Review! *

A few weeks ago Rachel from Little Ondine contacted me and asked me if I would like to try and review their nail polishes. I said yes straight away, as I'm sure you can tell! Now, these aren't just any ordinary nail polishes. They have some really special and unique elements that make the product so different and innovative compared to any other nail products you might find on the high street!

Airport Lookbook!

Holidays are a great part of the summer, but the worst part about it? The stress of packing and the dreaded airport. What to take? What to wear? It's infuriating and nerve wrecking not knowing what you may need when you picture yourself being THAT far away from home. I like to plan in advance what I'm going to wear to the airport and I've compiled my top three options in a little lookbook for you all! Hopefully it will give you some inspiration for some comfy looks if you're going on holiday anywhere this year! 

High End vs High Street Lipsticks

Long time no blog posting! I've been so insanely busy recently with...
  • Working 35-40 hours a week (a big step up from my usual 6-10 hours)
  • Planning for my holiday
  • Studying for my Diploma in Makeup (which I'm excited to hopefully receive in early September!)
  • Doing A-Level Summer Work
  • Being sociable with friends & family
And all the lovely stuff that comes in between! I've been finding that I only have about 1 day a week to myself and usually I have to spend that catching up with textiles coursework which I keep trying to put off! So once again, sorry for not being able to blog much, but I'm back!

For this post I wanted to really show the difference between high end and high street makeup brands, specifically for lipstick. Is there really any point in spending between £15 and £40 on a lipstick when you can buy one from Rimmel for £5.49 or is it totally worth it? Are the high end products the quality that they portray themselves to be through their pricing?

Editorial Fashion #3

So here we are again! Another piece from my editorial fashion series, but this one is going for more of a nature based look. As you can see, I've applied 3-D butterflies to Mel's face and bent the wings to give them a slightly more realistic look. I've also applied a very light base of foundation following with a tiny bit of powder to set it. I wanted to keep the skin looking natural so the eyes and lips would seem to "pop" from her face. Because of this, I used a very light bronzer to define her jawline and cheekbones and applied brighter colours to her eyes and lips (a combination of yellow, orange and a range of blue shades).

StyleLux Blackhead Killer Face Mask Review *

I was recently contacted by StyleLux to do a review of their blackhead killer face mask! I'm always on the look out for a good peel off mask that can benefit my skin as well as leaving it feeling refreshed and smooth, so I just could not turn down the opportunity to try these out. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Over the past few months there has been an insane hype about micellar waters and after doing a bit of background research, I discovered that the Garnier Cleansing Water seems to be one of the more popular ones with beauty bloggers specifically. I hopped onto the Superdrug website and after seeing it was on sale, ordered it (with free shipping too, yay)! It arrived within the next few days and I was extremely excited to try it.

New iPhone 5c with the cutest case ever! *

I've been stuck with a Samsung S3 Mini for over 2 years now and I was absolutely sick to death of it! Don't get me wrong, it was a great phone, but after 2 years of use it was so incredibly slow. Recently, it started running out of battery and turning itself off at just 62%...not cool when you were planning to take lots of pictures on it! So, I finally had enough and called up my phone company to start a new contract with a new phone. Although the iPhone 6 is the latest model from Apple, I decided to go with the 5c because (yes, you guessed it) it was considerably cheaper!

Editorial Fashion #2

For those of you that don't know, I've started doing a little "Editorial Fashion Series" right here on my blog and this is the second instalment. For my textiles a-level my topic is 'Editorial Fashion' which means I've been doing a lot of shoots for the project that I wanted to share with you all! If you haven't already checked out my very first shoot click here to see it! If you have, I'll let you scroll on and see some more of my photography skills (or lack of) and makeup artistry techniques (for beginners obviously)!

V&A - Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition

On Sunday myself and my friend Bailey travelled up to London to go and see the iconic Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition at the V&A. It was absolutely incredible, I couldn't bring myself to leave! McQueen's most breathtaking, original and even infamous pieces (like the 'bumster') were displayed on inhuman looking mannequins. Each room in the exhibition had a different "theme" which was usually based on the 'look' of the collection. The atmosphere was quite dark and disturbing, as intense and somewhat saddening music played with occasional Alexander McQueen voice overs cutting into the music. It was extremely eerie and, in a way, upsetting. Quotes from McQueen himself were written on dimly lit walls and these quotes really showed the darker side of McQueen. His suicide in February 2010 shocked the world, but through these distressing quotes and the disturbing pieces he created his struggles are really made clear in the exhibition - but it is definitely not in bad taste. The only way to describe the exhibition is a dark but insanely beautiful celebration of his talent.

Dresslink Wishlist *

So, yes, I have jumped on the fashion blogger bandwagon! I was approached by Lendy from Dresslink to choose a few things from their website to be sent and review and I wanted to show you what I picked out!

OOTD: Clashing Prints + Vintage Vibe

(Malin + Goetz) Travel Sizes Review

I've been saving up a few travel sized products for my holiday this summer, but since I have two sets of this specific pack I thought I would try them and do a little review! It also helps me know whether they are something I'll actually want to take on holiday with me or whether it's not worth it.
First of all, the sizes are so perfect! They have the full sizes available on their website but these travel sizes are so much more cost effective and seem to last forever.

Editorial Fashion #1

For those of you that don't know, I'm currently studying A-Level textiles and this year my topic is "Editorial Fashion". Editorial fashion is something I've always been interested in as I've had magazine subscriptions since I was about 8 years old - making my way from Teen Magazines to ELLE and Vogue. I love every aspect of these magazines and I've always admired the photography and styling for the editorials. Throughout the next year I will be doing a lot of shoots with various different "models", themes and styles and I thought I would share them all with you! So without any further delay, here is my first shoot...

Primers I Couldn't Live Without!

Just a few short years ago I had no idea what primers even were. I was at that stage where I used foundation that was 3 shades too dark, mascara that was clumpy and eyeshadow that was too glittery for words - but at least I've learned from that terrible terrible stage, right? Definitely. In the past couple of years I've learned a million and one makeup techniques and tricks and an important one of those is using primer.

OOTD: Prints and a Lace Trim

My Summer Essentials

The weather has become so much hotter recently and the real summer is finally coming out! I thought I would put together a little list of my summer essentials for this year which hopefully you will all find helpful.

Magazines - Perfect for reading when you're sunbathing! I personally find it really difficult to get into a good book. I'm so picky and my mind always wonders so before I know it, I've read half a page and I have no idea what it even said! Because of this, magazines are perfect for me. They're a quick read with imagery that keeps me captivated the whole way through. I really recommend a subscription as, in the long run, it's more cost effective and from magazines like ELLE, you receive a special cover and lots of discounts on products, events and experiences.

Summer Florals OOTD featuring Firmoo Glasses *


The Body Shop - Tea Tree Body Wash

I went into Cambridge last Thursday and couldn't help but pop into The Body Shop! I have a slight obsession with the smell of tea tree so this range immediately jumped out at me. They had so much variety in the range, from facial washes to shower gels. From the range I purchased this body wash (£6.00) and a Tea Tree Concealer (£7.00), the concealer I'll be reviewing in another post!

Editorial Inspired Makeup

So for those of you that don't know, I've been working in a beauty salon for almost 6 months now and we've just started advertising special occasion makeup! Before this, our makeup artist wanted to do some practices with the Jane Iredale makeup that we have available in the salon. After doing a few simple naturalistic nude looks, my eyes were practiced on with some very vibrant colours as you can see above! I absolutely love this unique look so I thought I would show you how to re-create it by using at-home makeup products and brushes.

OOTD: A Colder Summer Day

Ted Baker Body Lotion and Wash!

Firstly, I just want to say that I'm sorry for disappearing on you all! I'm on study leave at the moment and I've been doing exactly what it's meant for...studying! It's been non-stop mind mapping, note making and flashcard reading for the past two weeks so there's not been very many beauty/fashion things going on at the moment. I'm just too stressed! However, I did manage to order a few Ted Baker products for myself. It's actually a gift set, but who says it's a bad thing to buy gifts for yourself? Not me!

April Favourites!

So it's come to the last day of April and what a better way to end it than with an April favourites post! I've included some of my favourite things I've purchased this month (and a few from March as well since I forgot a March favourites post...oops!) so if you like the look of them and my description, you can give them a try. April hasn't been an amazing month for products so this will only be a short post, but because I haven't spent as much as normal, there's more money left for May!

Memory Box!

So yesterday I was cleaning out all the dusty boring art materials I keep under my bed and I stumbled upon a little zebra print box. I recognised it, but couldn't remember what I had put inside turned out to be my memory box! I had started it about 3 years ago and only kept things that would help trigger great memories of times with friends and family inside of it. I think it's a great idea to create these so I thought I would give you guys a little glimpse of what I have in mine, to give you an idea of what you might want to include in yours if you decide to make one (which I highly recommend you do)!

My Top 3 Body Scrubs!

When looking through my blog the other day, hoping for a spark of post inspiration, I noticed that I don't actually talk about body/shower products that much! So, because of that, I thought I would do a little post about my top 3 body scrubs...something a bit new for my blog!

Coachella Inspired Lookbook!

Hi lovelies! I hope you're all well. As most of you probably already know, Coachella was this weekend! Although I didn't actually go, because I live a world away and am pretty much broke at the minute, I thought I'd put together some looks that Coachella fashion has particularly inspired. I really wanted to style them for you, but unfortunately here in the UK it's still pretty freezing outside! Once it warms up a bit, I'll be posting a lot more OOTDs and Lookbooks for Summer clothing!


Sunglasses - Thrifted // Crop Top - Lustre // Shorts - New Look // Bracelet - Avon // Shoes - George 

Revision, Blogging and Concerts! - 12/04/15

Hello lovelies! So I've seen a few other bloggers do these 'Life Updates' and I love reading them, so I thought I would do my own! I've been busy busy busy with exams coming up, work and what little social life I have left with all this going on. It's just coming to the end of my 2 week Easter holiday from Sixth Form so I've got a little bit to write about! Although I've been spending a lot of time in bed with my coffee and laptop, I have actually done a few things that make me feel like I'm not entirely an unsociable lump of nothingness. So here goes...

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review

I've wanted this product for so long, but at such a high price (for my student budget, that is) I could never justify spending that much on another mascara, considering I probably have about 25 in my makeup collection already! However, over Easter break I spent a few more hours than I normally would at work which gave me a little bit of extra cash so I thought I would treat myself.

My Blogging Story

I've always felt that I had a lot to say, but never quite know how to say it. Talking isn't really a great talent of mine which is why I find it so much easier to write things (or in this case type)! I've had private social media accounts before to write everything about anything I'm feeling on, but from that mistake I've learned that it's absolutely no good keeping things cooped up all to myself. It's simply not healthy! So, after keeping everything to myself for so long, I finally learned how to open up, talk and express myself! Blogging has been a big part of that.

90s Grunge Look // Collaboration with Heart Shaped Bones

I got in touch with Jess at Heart Shaped Bones and we decided to collaborate and make a couple of 90s Grunge looks! While my inspiration was more Nirvana and Radiohead style, Jess looked at the more preppy side, specifically Gwen Stefani! If you want to see more of the 90s style, head over to her blog! You should also check out her Instagram and YouTube.

OOTD: Swing Dress & Florals

Products I Regret Buying

So first of all, I want to say quickly: Sorry for the camera quality! It's been playing up all day, but I thought it's better to post something than nothing at all, right? So without any further delays, here's a little list of products I regret buying...

Shopping Trip Haul!

On Sunday, I had to pop into town and have an eye test done. I've just started my driving lessons and it's made me realise that I am b-l-i-n-d...or at least a little bit! Turns out, I'm short sighted and I'm in definite need of glasses. I picked out some really cute ones to pick up on Monday (which means I might be shopping again uh oh!) and I'm really excited. Anyway, after my test and picking out the glasses, I went on what was supposed to be an hour long quick-shop. When does that ever work though? Never. I was there for 5 extra hours! With all the things I bought, I thought it would be great to do a haul!

OOTD at Sunset


Relaxing in Stressful Times


Relaxing can sometimes be hard enough as it is. For me personally, I always feel like I'm under some sort of stress even if I shouldn't be. I find myself stressing about the tiniest things that shouldn't even matter, like what to wear to walk down to my local shop or whether my lip colour clashes with my nails. It seems pointless and it really is! Normally, I push these little stresses to the back of my mind and get on with life, but when the large stresses come along you have to deal with them head on.

OOTD: Monochrome


Mother's Day Gifts on a Budget!

As I'm sure you're all aware, Mother's Day is coming up soon! It can always be hard to buy presents for our mothers because they tend to be the people we love most in the world and we want them to have the best of the best...but we don't always have the money to do this! So I've compiled a little list of presents for our amazing mums, on a budget!

Recent Beauty Buys!

Recently I've been ordering more and more things's practically an addiction, but I love it! Everything is just so easy to buy and you can purchase it with a snap of your finger! It feels like you're spending no money at all, except in reality I've spent nearly all of my wages.
So here are a some of my new beauty buys!

Base Coat - £2.99 // Top Coat - £2.99