Gladiator Ankle Boots


I've seen these types of boots everywhere for months and months. At first, I thought they looked like sandals and thought it was crazy how everyone was wearing them with socks. I mean come on, everyone knows that you n-e-v-e-r wear socks and sandals! It's like common knowledge! Even my friend who has no interest in fashion whatsoever pointed this out to me. It wasn't until I caught up with the trend myself and bought my own pair that I absolutely fell in love. They have an edgy kind of look about them, and when I wear them I feel like I'm different and unique from everyone else wearing converse and ballet flats. The ankle straps/buckles hold the shoe on really well and it's a very good fit. They may not be completely practical for winter, but I'll be wearing them anyway! This particular pair were £20 from Topshop, but you can buy similar ones from other retailers like New Look, River Island or if you're on a budget..Primark. :)


  1. £20 !! That's soo good for Topshop... might have to take a trip down there. Haha, I love socks and sandals. I think people can get away with it nowadays.

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    1. I so agree! & for some reason the widget deleted itself! Added it back on now, so you can still follow if you want. It's just to the right >>>


  2. i love these boots, they're so unique!

  3. I never listen to anybody what to not wear especially when it comes to shoes. I've also have a gladiator ankle boots I also wear them during winter, I know it's crazy but of course with socks! plus the gladiator ankle boots has a very high platform so it does keep my feet dries.

    Thank you again for dropping by my blog. <3 you have such a pretty bloggy hehe


  4. Great find, they're amazing!! They look really comfy too! x

    The Belle Narrative

  5. Lovely shoes, they look great! <3

    I have a new outfit post up, would love to know your thoughts:


  6. wow, beautiful shoes! *.*


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