Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil

Hello once again! So I'm going to be reviewing the Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil! At the small price of 2.99 this product is great for defining eyebrows.
The pencil has a brush on the end of the lid which is helpful when shaping the eyebrows before applying the product. *Helpful Tip: Put a small amount of hairspray on the eyebrow brush and then use to help eyebrows stay shaped all day.* The brush is a little bit of an added bonus to the actual product.

Unfortunately, if you have light eyebrows I would not recommend this pencil to you as they only come in quite dark shades. These are black brown, dark brown, and hazel. I find that the black brown is very dark yet the hazel is very very brown. The dark brown is a bit of a mix between the two. However, the perfect colour for my eyebrows would be somewhere in between black brown and dark brown, but until that comse out with that colour I'm using dark brown.
As you might have been able to tell in the first picture, the colour is not exact to my eyebrows but you can't see this unless you're as close to my eyebrow as mine is to the camera in the first picture. 
I find that you can apply this product a few different ways to get different looks. If the pencil is sharpened really well it gives you a very defined and arched look. If the pencil is slightly softer (like in the picture above) it gives you a still defined, but a less arched natural look. You can also apply it very blunt which is great if you just want to fill in you're eyebrows lightly.
 I wear this product almost everyday and it usually lasts about 4-5 hours which I find is usually the length of time most Rimmel products last, so yes I do have to touch up at least once a day but the effect it gives on the eyebrows is very good so I will continue to use it.
I would recommend this product if you want good price and good quality. It's my favourite Rimmel London product (after their pressed powder) so I think that if you're looking for an eyebrow pencil then defiantly give it a go!

Score: 7.5/10
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Georgia Megan x


  1. This is a not a bad price at all and it looks pretty good. It's a shame that the shade range is quite limited though.

    I currently use the MUA eyebrow pencil in shade blonde which is a bargain at just £1. It's a little more waxy in texture than most other eyebrow pencils I've tried but it's actually pretty good for the price. I think they do it in two shades: blonde and brunette.

    Lovely review, thanks for sharing :-) xx

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

    1. Yeah MUA products are great, never tried their eyebrow pencils before though. When this one runs out I'll have to give it a try!x

  2. This is a very helpful post, I haven't got anything like this. Overal seems pretty good.


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