Batiste Dry Shampoo

I've been using Batiste's dry shampoo for a few months now and I have to say that I really like them. We all know that washing your hair every single day can be bad for it as it gets rid of it's natural oils which make it have less volume and shine. So what products can we use between washes that helps our hair out? I usually use a styling mousse or a thickening spray, but I was getting tired of it and a friend recommended these to me.  
I went out and bought one in floral & flirty blush.

Using it makes my hair feel a lot fresher. It also gives a tiny bit of extra volume, which doesn't last long but gives it a bit of a boost. It smells a lot nicer than the tropical one that my friend now uses, but it is quite strong. You do kind of have to get used to that which is pretty easy because the product is so good!
Then about a week ago I decided to try the XXL volume dry shampoo.

My hair lacks in volume and is very lifeless so I thought this would be great as I already love their other product. I had high hopes for this and it's actually worked really well! Normally when I have high hopes for a product it turns out not to be that great, but this is really good. It gives my hair a lot more shape and life. It also stops me from backcombing, which does gives you good volume but is so bad for your hair. There's less of a floral scent to this one, and it's still very strong but once again easy to overlook.  
I love these and would recommend them to anyone needing a dry shampoo. If you have really flat hair defiantly buy the XXL volume one, but if you're happy with your hair already then the floral & flirty one is great.
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Georgia Megan x

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  1. I LOVE Batiste. Means a day off hairwashing, more volume and it smells so good!




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