Liebster Award!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I've been awarded the Liebster Award for new bloggers! I was nominated by the lovely Rain Chan -

If you don't already know the Liebster award is an award you can receive if you're a blogger with under 200 followers. It's a bit like a chain award. If you've got the Liebster award then you've been nominated by someone else who has the Liebster award that likes/enjoys reading your blog. You can only be awarded the Liebster award if you have under 200 followers.

Because I've been awarded this I have to link back the person who nominated me (see top of post) and answer 10 questions she has given me. I then choose 10 other blogs that I enjoy reading (with under 200 followers) and nominate them for the Liebster award. I leave them 10 new questions in this post that they answer in their post about winning the Liebster award.

So here are the questions I was given and my answers to them:

1. What is your favourite season? Summer
2. What is your favourite mascara brand? MUA (I like their Mega Volume Mascara)
3. What is your favourite eyeliner brand? Collection 2000
4. Have you ever been to Singapore? No, but I hope to travel the world one day and I'd love to go.
5. Who is your favourite rock band? Paramore
6. Do you listen to any Asian/Chinese music? No, I don't think I've ever heard any actually :(
7. What part of your face to you love most? My eyes
8. Do you wear earrings? Yes I just got them pierced for the first time last week!
9. What would you like to win from a giveaway? Makeup from a brand I've never heard of so I can try something new.
10. What is your favourite food? Apple Crumble!!!

So now it's time for me to nominate 10 people I think deserve this award! I love these 10 people's blogs so much and I read them regularly. Here are the links to their blogs:

Those are my 10 absolute favourite blogs with under 200 followers! I follow all of them and I think they're great and the bloggers are so talented!
Here are my ten questions for these lovely bloggers to answer if they choose to post about the Liebster award:
  • When did you start blogging?
  • What made you want to start a blog?
  • Do any of your family/friends know about your blog?
  • What is your favourite post so far?
  • What is your favourite makeup brand?
  • What is your favourite shop?
  • Have you ever deleted one of your own blog posts?
  • If you could only do one, what would it be? Face makeup or eye makeup?
  • Which are you more obsessed with? Makeup, fashion, or hair?
  • What is your favourite beauty product
Thank you all for reading and after this I'll be back to my normal beauty/makeup posts! Have a lovely day!
Georgia Megan x


  1. Thank you so much for nominating me lovely. It means so much. You're blog is ace, just followed you xx

    1. aw thank you! No problem, I love your blog so you deserved the award xxx


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