Collection 2000 Haul!

So this is my Collection 2000 haul! I have previously done reviews on a few of these products before, but I wanted to post about them as a haul as well since I bought all of these products at the same time. I really love Collection 2000's makeup because it's at an affordable price and is good quality.

First up is the Lock N' Hold Lipgloss.
I've already done a detailed review on this product before so if you'd like to read that here's the link;
This lipgloss is a really pretty colour! If I was judging it just on the colour it would be a 10/10! However, there are some downsides of this product. I personally don't mind this, but it's one of those glosses that is very sticky. This isn't a problem for me, but a lot of people dislike the stickiness of some lipglosses. The packaging also claims that it has 'up to six hour wear' this is correct, but slightly sneaky. Saying something has up to six hours wear could mean that it lasts anything from five minutes all the way up to the full six hours. Be aware of tricks like this as they are there to fool you and make you want to buy the product.
Next is their Pump up the Volume Mascara.
I've also done a review on this before so click the link to check it out;
This mascara I'm not too fond of. It comes out quite clumpy and doesn't "pump up the volume" of my lashes at all. I would not buy this product again and I feel that it was a waste of money as I've only used it a few times. The only thing that is positive about it is that it has a really nice brush. It's slightly curved which makes it easy to apply the mascara.
Next is their Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner.
Yes, that's right I have done another review on this product before! Relax though; I promise that there are products in this haul that haven't been reviewed before, but if you still want to have a look at the full detailed review for these here is the link...
I honestly love this product! It's so cheap, easy to apply, and stays on all day! The colour stays black all day and doesn't fade into a dark grey or any other colour. Once it's dried it doesn't smudge, yet it is simple and easy to remove with makeup wipes or makeup remover. I love this product and have nothing negative to say about it! If you have the chance I would defiantly advise you invest in a few of these.
A product that I haven't reviewed coming up next! It's their Hot Looks Nail Polish!
I bought two of these because they were so cheap and I loved the colours! I was actually really impressed. The colours are lovely and they come out on your nail the same colour as they look in the packaging. If you want a pale look then one coat does the trick and if you want a nice bright look two coats is all you need. It doesn't last a really long time, but for the price I would say that it's reasonable. If you do one coat it lasts a bit less than three days and with two coats if lasts just over three days. Collection 2000 has a variety of colours from pastels, to darks like purple and red, to bright neon colours.
Now for the Collection 2000 Lipstick.
You may not be able to tell from this picture, but their lipsticks are a bit sparkly. If you want a sophisticated look I wouldn't go for these, but if you want a fun lipstick they're great. This shade is 'Passion Fruit 5' which is an orangey-pink with light pink sparkles. Now when I say sparkles I sound really childish, but the sparkles don't make it look like you've coated your lips in glitter. It just adds a subtle shininess to your lips which means that there's no need to add lipgloss! I also like this lipstick because it doesn't dry out your lips. It's not exactly moisturising but it stays the same texture as your lips would be without any products on them.
Next is another eyeliner; this is the Supersoft Intense Colour Pencil Eyeliner...
I started buying these when I was a makeup beginner. It sounds stupid, but when I was younger liquid eyeliners used to terrify me - now I use them almost everyday! I saw all the other girls with really nice eyeliner so I bought one of these and I've been buying them ever since! It's really inexpensive and is supersoft as it says. It says the colour is intense, but I wouldn't exactly agree with this. I always get a black eyeliner but after about 4 hours of wear the eyeliner starts to fade and go a bit grey. This is normal for pencil eyeliners, which is why I switched to liquid ones. I think this product is okay for emergencys. I used to use it on a daily basis, but it made me look like I had grey panda eyes after 4 hours. I do keep buying them though because they're good to have around it you're doing a smokey eye look.
Finally, we have their bronzer;
This was the first bronzer I've ever bought so I don't really have anything to compare it to. I'm not sure why but I really dislike using bronzer because it makes my face look caked. I understand that a lot of people use bronzer, and most of them look beautiful, but it's not really my kind of product. However, when I did wear it I found that this certain bronzer put sparkles on my face. I didn't realise that it was a bit sparkly when I bought it so when I applied it I got a surprise. It didn't stay on for longer than 4 hours so I had to use my MUA Fixing Mist to keep it in place which made it last a couple of hours longer.
So there you have it! My Collection 2000 Haul! I used to not be sure about this brand, but for their prices I think they are reasonable quality products. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this haul! I've only done one other than this before so let me know if you liked it and want to see more or whether I should do more reviews, or anything else you'd like me to try! I love hearing what you all think and recieving feedback so feel free to comment. If you liked this post or anything else on my blog, become a member so you'll be updated on when I post something. I love all my members, commenters, and readers so thank you all!
Georgia Megan x


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    1. Yeah, I agree their concealer's are great! They do have a nice range of products at pretty affordable prices so it's worth trying a few out. Glad you like the post - love your blog and youtube channel!xx

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