Newspaper Nails!

I read about 'Newspaper Nails' in Shout magazine and was desperate to try it! My friend came over and we decided to give it ago. It took about half an hour, but was really fun! It's really hard to get it on perfectly as you can see from the picture that it's a bit messy. After you clean it up it looks fantastic! It's really original nail art and really simple to do!
Step 1: Cut up 10 2cm strips of newspaper (one for each nail)
Step 2: Get a small shallow bowl and put some hand sanitizer in it.
Step 3: Coat all nails in a clear base coat.
Step 4: Once the clear nail polish has dried add a coat or two of white nail polish.
Step 5: Once it has dried dip the first nail into the hand sanitizer, pull it out, and hold one strip of newspaper (that you cut out earlier) on your nail for about a minute. To help keep brushing your finger over the newspaper to leave a better print.
Step 6: Slowly peal off the newspaper to see the print. Then repeat on all other nails.
Step 7: Once they are dry add a clear coat to set the print which should make it last longer.

It was really fun to do I would recommend it as a fun thing to do when you're bored, but make sure you give yourself enough time to do it before going out and allow time to re-do it in case it doesn't turn out right the first time which is what happened to my friend.

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