Collection 2000 Pump up the Volume Mascara Review

I bought this mascara because I desperately needed a new one as my MUA one had run out. I saw my friend using this one and her eyelashes always look so long so I thought I'd give it a go. It was 4.99 and to be honest, I thought this was a bit expensive as the mascara was just as good as the previous 3.00 MUA one I used. However, this mascara has a pretty cool brush which is curved which makes the entire brush cover all your eyelashes instead of just one section.
 It also applies it quite thick so if you're looking for a dramatic look it's good but because it comes out thick it can be a bit clumpy. Going back to talking about the brush, it's really big and I find that when using it I get a lot of mascara dots on my eyelid and under eye. This wouldn't normally be a problem but this mascara dries really quickly so you can't remove it with your finger and you have to get the makeup remover out. This is extremely annoying if you're wearing foundation and powder because it will remove it to get the mascara dot off.

In my opinion I defiantly prefer the MUA Mega Volume Mascara to this and it's also 1.99 cheaper. I will not be buying this mascara again, but it's good if you have big eyes because it makes them look very dramatic. As an upside I find that it does last longer than most mascaras (at least 6 hours).

Score: 6/10

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