Avon Blush Review

My mum bought me an Avon blush when she used to work for Avon. She got a discount plus the blush was in the sale section so it only cost like 50p. It was obviously a really good deal so I thought I'd give it a try. I wasn't too optimistic about it because I thought it was in the sale section for a reason. Turns out I must have been wrong because it's actually pretty good. It stays on exactly as I applied it for about 3 hours and then slowly starts to fade. I find that this is long enough for me (if you want it to last longer try MUA's Pro-Base Fixing Mist which I also did a review on) and it really makes my face look a bit more happy and perky rather than being quite pale and gloomy and it doesn't have that 'fake' look. I have it in the shade of 'Soft Plum'. In the packaging it looks like a sparkly pink that I wouldn't normally go for, but once it's on it doesn't sparkle like I assumed it would, it actually looks quite natural and the colour is perfect for my skin tone! The packaging is pretty good because it comes with a mirror and a brush so it's great if you're an on the go girl. I personally prefer to use a different brush, but if I can't fit my brushes in my bag or I simply can't find my brush I'll use this one. It takes a little more time to apply and smooth as it comes out in a square line shape, but it's easily accessable.

Score: 6.5/10 

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