Vaseline: Rosy Lips Review

Vaseline...Pretty much everyone uses this product or one similar like chapstick, but does it actually do anything? Yes, it leaves your lips soft and hydrated for a few hours, but after that they just get dry again. You may as well put on a few coats of lipgloss. I find that vaseline does nothing for my lips. I bought the Rosy Lips Vaseline in hope that it would be better then the other flavours, but in my opinion it is the same if not worse. It doesn't give you rosy lips as it is labelled and smells/tastes really bad. Some of you may say - you're not supposed to taste it! But when it's on your lips you can't exactly not taste it, can you? I enjoyed this product for the first hour it was on my lips and then I ditched it, not a good product.
Score: 4/10

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