Ulta Lipstick Review

I bought four shades on Ulta lipstick when I was living in America and bought them back to UK before I'd even tried them, BIG MISTAKE! If I was still living in America I would have taken them back to the shop for a refund. The colours are very deceiving. I chose the colour "Mauve Shimmer" which looked like a nice brown-red colour. I even tested it on my hand and it was a good colour, but as soon as I put it on my lips the colour changed immediately to a maroon with small hints of orange! Adding to the disappointment the lipstick literally lasted 20 minutes. I put it on just before getting on the bus into town. The bus ride is just under 20 minutes so before we got off I took out my mirror and the lipstick was no where to be seen!
Score: 4/10

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