MUA Extreme Curl Mascara Review

I'm a big fan of MUA products! They are great if you're on a tight budget (which I usually am)! This mascara only cost me two pounds and I love it! The packaging is really futuristic and the actual brush is so unique. The brush is slightly bent which lets you get a really good curl on your eyelashes and makes it fast as well because it can reach all your eyelashes in one sweep. This is my "on the go" mascara which I always leave in my bag. It's perfect for that because I wouldn't want to be using eyelash curlers on the bus/car/etc and it's so easy to apply! The only downside is that it can be a tiny bit clumpy toward the end (easily fixable by applying another coat) but what do you expect for a two pound mascara?
Score: 7/10

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