Barry M Lipstick Review

I was in desperate need of a lipstick, but I needed one that lasted for a good 4+ hours. I was debating whether or not to buy Maybelline's 14 hour stay lipstick but I thought the prices were really high for a lipstick. I eventually chose this Barry M lipstick in shade 153 which is a bright pink (but not neon). It was half the price of Maybelline's 14 hour stay lipstick and just as good quality! Although it didn't stay on for 14 hours, it stayed on or a good 5-6 hours which is exactly what I needed. The colour stays as vibrant as it was when first applied. There is a wide range of colours from this lipstick which is great if you want a good variety. The only downside to this lipstick was that it made my lips quite dry. You couldn't visually see that my lips were dry but I could feel it. Overall this product was really good and I would buy it again!
Score: 9/10

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