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I've Given Up The Modern Idea of Being Successful (And You Should Too)

Our perception of 'success' often changes as we grow. When we're young we might associate it with being able to buy anything we want when we enter a store and, as we age, we begin to see it as having a career or a family and a mortgage. Instead of our perception of success being solely focused on items, it becomes more about personal fulfilment along with the perception other people have of us. This is when we become overly absorbed in the stress of being seen as 'living our best lives' when, in fact, this idealistic lifestyle is far from what any of us are experiencing.

Why Taking a Step Back Doesn't Make you a Failure

I've never been one to take a step back from dreams, goals, or things that make me happy so when I actively decided to take a break from blogging at the end of February I tried to look at it as a positive thing. Although the looming thoughts of people clicking on my blog to see that it hasn't been updated in months and clicking off in disgust and annoyance had me awake at night at first (tad overdramatic perhaps, but true) I slowly began to realise how prioritising certain things over others and letting things go is much better for my mental health.

Buying New Lingerie is the Definition of Treating Yo' Self | Empress Mimi *

Buying lingerie, or in fact any kind of underwear, feels different to any other purchase. Leaving the store with a bag full of laced undergarments or colourful soft cotton pieces immediately lifts my mood. I consider these purchases 'self care'. They are purchases for me and no one else. There is something satisfying about buying something that no one else will ever see unless you want them to. When we buy a new top or coat or pair of jeans one of the first things we think to ourselves is "what will other people think of this?", our friends, our partners, our mums, etc. Although I don't condone looking good for anyone else but yourself, this is a rational thought to have as these clothes will be covering our skin and our armour against the world. Everyone will see them but with underwear it's different. It is going underneath this armoured exterior and only you will know what pair you're wearing that day, so when you pick out and buy new underwear it really is a purchase for you - the ultimate definition of treat yo' self. 

You Don't Have to Feel ok Just Because it's Christmas

Listening to my brother playing Mud's 'Lonely This Christmas' from his adjacent room as I sit in bed drinking my morning tea and scrolling through my camera roll right back to the start of 2017, it occurred to me that I'm not the happiest this Christmas. It's true, I've never been super enthusiastic about Christmas in general (call me the Grinch), but usually the lights on the Christmas tree in the evening or the bitter chill of winter air hitting my fingertips as they're wrapped around a cup of hot chocolate is enough to put a smile on my face. Sadly this year these basic festivities have been practiced to no avail. 

Stop Putting Art Students Down. Our Work is Just as Valid as Yours.

People always seem to underestimate the power of the creative industries. According to The Independent "creative industries generate £84 billion a year for the UK economy, almost £10m an hour", yet this is completely overlooked by the Bsc Data Modelling student I met in the SU the other week and all of his relevant counterparts.